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Miranda Kerr, 38, is no stranger to the beauty game. She strutted down the runway as a Victoria’s Secret Angel and then became the founder and CEO of leading organic skincare brands, Kora Organics. Plus, she’s a mom of three—so she knows from busy—but she still makes time for her daily beauty routine.
In a recent interview with Marie Claire Australia, the self-made businesswoman shared the beauty products and tools that she uses for a clear and radiant complexion. One favorite she’s been using for years: plum powder. “I love using ingredients that you can have internally and externally, like the Kakadu plum,” she said. “My mum was drinking Kakadu plum powder for many years and she was always like, ‘like here have some vitamin B’ and would give me the powder.”
If you’re like us, you may not have been drinking plum powder from the time you were young, but glowing skin from head to toe can still be in your future. Here’s what the former supermodel does every day—try a few tricks to elevate your own routine.
If you’re into skincare, chances are you may have heard about the beauty benefits of dry brushing. It’s a centuries-old method used to gently exfoliate your skin; you use a special firm-bristled brush to gently massage your skin using upward motions. And as the name implies, the brush and your skin should both be dry.
“In the morning when I wake up, I like to dry body brush all over,” said Kerr. “I think it’s so good to get the blood circulation going before I jump in the shower.”
We love this oval-shaped dry brush by Popchose on Amazon, which has over 9,000 stellar reviews. “I’ve been using this body brush to exfoliate my skin once a day and have noticed less ingrown hairs and more soft skin—I love it,” wrote one reviewer.
Kerr’s favorite facial cleanser is the Kora Organics Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil. Its formula includes good-for-you ingredients like silver ear mushroom, a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid; Babassu oil to nourish and soften the skin; and sunflower seed oil to help remove excess oil and dirt. Kerr said: “It has essential oils geranium, rose, and basil in there which are all great for reducing anxiety. When you’re cleansing your skin, you’re also feeling that relaxation effect.”
“I like to use this cleanser in the shower, and you have to shake it to activate it,” Kerr explained. Once the cleanser touches the skin and gets mixed in with water, it transforms into a milky texture that gently melts away oil, dirt, and makeup. We also love that this cleanser leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated—not dry and stiff, as you can sometimes feel after using other cleansers.
After cleansing her face, Kerr follows up with the Kora Organics Turmeric BHA Brightening Treatment Mask. This treatment mask works to clear clogged pores, sebum buildup, and the look of uneven skin texture and dullness. It’s formulated with naturally derived BHA (beta hydroxy acid, an ingredient that helps peel away old skin), enzymes from papaya, and aspen bark, which helps to detox the skin. Kerr enjoys the peppermint essential oil scent it gives off, which she said “wakes you up with that peppermint aromatherapy.”

You can use this mask as a scrub to polish your skin or as a leave-on for a spa-worthy treatment that refines the look and texture of your skin. Sephora customers rave about it: “This really exfoliated well, I love the fact that it’s a combo of chemical and physical exfoliation, which makes my skin feel so smooth,” wrote one reviewer. “I also found that my nose doesn’t feel like a strawberry afterward.”

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For a spa-like experience at home, Kerr uses the NuFACE facial toning device. Specifically designed for mature skin, this tool works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while also providing a tightening effect. The device uses electrical microcurrent technology to gently stimulate the surface of the skin, helping to tone the facial muscles, providing a more youthful appearance.
It has a 4.5-star rating and reviewers have noted that you will see results immediately. “I saw results right after the first time I used my NuFace, and since I started using it regularly, I get so many compliments on my skin,” wrote one Dermstore customer. “My skin looks younger, tighter, and cleaner.”
Each of these products has excellent customer reviews from non-supermodels too! So consider trying out one (or all) of Miranda Kerr’s favorites to round out your beauty routine.


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