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Micro Extraordinary: Capturing extraordinary creators and entrepreneurs at their micro stage.
Welcome back to another Micro Extraordinary feature. This week, we’re featuring a talented young entrepreneur in the beauty industry. 
Lateshia Davis, the owner of local salon, Royalty Beauty Salon, established her business in 2016. Davis was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Early Branch, S.C.
The beauty industry has been a passion of hers since childhood.
“I watched my grandfather shave his face using a teacup with shaving cream and a straight razor in the mornings,” she recalls. “I watched my mom curl her hair and apply make-up so elegantly. I visited the local beauty parlor with my mother and was intrigued by the hair-cutting techniques. I was fascinated from the start, about four years old. I was the pre-K student that took her teachers make-up! Odd story but true.”
“I’m here today because that teacher didn’t deal with me harshly and my mother didn’t fuss it out of me! I grew to know right from wrong while maintaining my interest in beauty,” Davis added.
After graduating from Wade Hampton High School, Davis started her cosmetology journey at the Technical College of the Lowcountry and completed the program in 2005.
“Once completing cosmetology school, I climbed the ladder by every step.  I have been an independent stylist since 2006. I had the opportunity to work for chain salons, booth renting from others, and now my own salon,” Davis said.
With the experience she gained from working for other salons, Davis took the tools and knowledge she gained and built her vision.
“I’m naturally a researcher and always looking to improve myself and my business. While working for others, I would plan and brainstorm about what I needed to open my own salon. Along the years I knew that is what I wanted, so I planned to structure it. Self-development plays a huge role in entrepreneurship,” Davis said.
Since day one of Royalty Beauty Salon’s establishment, Davis enjoyed coming into her salon and creating a space where clients feel relaxed and free. Despite the ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur, putting a smile on her client’s faces makes it all worthwhile.
“Entrepreneurship is tough, but we are born to do hard things. The beauty industry is always changing, I stay motivated by being a chameleon. I change along with the industry by taking classes to learn varies techniques and by paying attention to trends across the media,” Davis said.
Since being in the beauty industry for some years now, Davis is using her talent to give back and help upcoming beauty students. She’s approaching her third year of teaching high school students. She is also working towards opening a beauty school of her own soon.
“I am working towards opening my own cosmetology school soon. I hope that Royalty Beauty Salon will continue to be a part of our local community in Varnville, S.C. for years, making an impact on every person that comes through the door — not just for services but for life changing experiences personally,” Davis said.
Davis’s advice to upcoming students in the beauty industry Is to always stay open to change and willing to learn.
“Cosmetology encompasses all aspects of the beauty industry. A cosmetology licensure allows you to practice hair care, skin care, to include make-up applications and eyelashes, and nail care. Find a program that offers a cosmetology course. Technical colleges are a great start. I strongly encourage up-and-coming beauty industry professionals to know what direction they want to go and strive for it.”
Davis said that the perfect hair stylist should be adaptable to change, as well as timely, organized, a great listener, honest and professional.
“Most importantly, don’t be afraid to change,” she added. “You must also be a chameleon. Beauty trends are always changing. We as stylist must change along with them. Self-development is a must in any aspect of life. We must take the time to hone our skills by taking classes, investing in our visions, and being willing to learn new things. The best hairstylist never stops learning! We as cosmetologist are the main face of our businesses. We set the tone for the type of guest we want to attract.”
For those looking to find a starting point toward the dream of their own business, she concludes: “To start a salon, write out the vision. Research the requirements according to state guidelines and your local town, contact local product distributors, inform your guests about your upcoming ventures as they move with you.”
If you would like to book this extraordinary entrepreneur, you can visit royaltybeautysalon.com for a future appointment.


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