Mayor Barber: Keep Moving Forward – Greenville College Papyrus

George Barber is widely known around Greenville University as a campus-wide favorite in both his roles as a professor and as a coach. Generally, he goes by “Coach Barber” but, as of late, he has gained a new title: Mayor Barber. This title may hold a heavy weight to some, but Barber actually finds that it fits well into his busy schedule and fulfills his passion for government and service to his community. As you’ll hear him discuss, George is all about reaching into the future and setting up today’s Greenville for even bigger success for years to come. In this video, you will hear the quote: “If you’re doing something that you can accomplish in your lifetime, then you’re thinking too small.” Mayor Barber plans to set up a long term legacy as not just a great coach or knowledgeable professor (with a doctoral title), but in the fact that he wants to inspire and drive the Greenville community, specifically off-campus, to realize that their lives are bigger than them and that as a small town, we can all do big things together.
Made by: Christian Fuentes, Hanah Cooper, Henry Johnson, Jack Brummel, and Koream Jett.


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