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One of reality TV’s most controversial dating shows, Married At First Sight is BACK!!! I have to admit, I love this show! Where else can I put warring personality traits of being jaded and a hopeless romantic to good use? Ten crazy brave singles will meet their new stranger spouse for the first time at the altar. Based on the trailer, fans should expect some drama and some questionable decisions. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for it all.
In Nashville, ten singles have just found out that they’ll be marrying a complete stranger in two weeks. At the bachelorette party, one bride-to-be raises her eyebrows when she gets flirty with a stripper. And a groom allows his emotions take over. Let’s get straight into the recap!
As the youngest member of the cast this season, Domynique, 25, believes she is ready for marriage. Although she doesn’t have much dating experience, she desires to settle down with a partner. As someone who is extremely close to her mother,  her husband better be on his best behavior if he doesn’t want the risk angering two women. Mack, 33, recently transitioned to Nashville from Flint, Michigan. He considers himself an introverted dreamer.  After being blindsided in his last failed relationship, he has been hesitant to bond with someone again. He is ready to stop dating and to have a successful marriage, like so many people around him. Despite their age difference and lack of dating success, the experts believe that this two will make a great match.
Did Domynique think she was at the club, rather than her bachelorette party? For someone who claims to have an old soul, she was behaving like a woman who is single and ready to mingle. She had a long discussion with one of the strippers about her “pocket book” aka her breasts. Even the other ladies were shocked and wondering was she going to give this man her number. Sigh! Hopefully she sobers up quickly and realizes that she actually asked for a husband.
Nicole, 32, is a strong and sassy woman who is ready to make room for more than her dog in her heart. She left her tight-knit family in New York City, just before the pandemic, to relocate to Tennessee. When she revealed the news to her friends, they were so shocked all they could do is laugh. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, but I hope it works just because she seems so optimistic. Like his new wife, Christopher, 36, is also a transplant to Nashville. Although he has struggled to find a genuine connection, he feels ready to settle down. He describes himself as a hopeless romantic and the text book nice guy. He hopes to end his bad luck and find someone who will reciprocate in a relationship.
Airris, 39, has finally come to the realization the “perfect” woman doesn’t exist. After a lot of self-healing, he is now ready to settle down with a woman who is perfect for him. His cousin doesn’t believe it is a good idea for him to get married. She wants him to date in a traditional manner, before making a commitment.  Jasmine, 31, is ready to start a family, but hasn’t had much luck when it comes to long-term relationships. She is a beauty queen looking for her king. Although she is happy in her life and career, she is missing a life partner. Her family is incredibly supportive and happy that she has the chance to have her happy ever after.
During the bachelor party, Airris reveals that he didn’t delete his dating apps; he only put them on sleep mode. I guess he is already has plan B, in case things don’t work out. Maybe his cousin was right– he may not be ready for marriage. He definitely doesn’t seem to be taking things as serious as his bride-to-be.
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Gina, 36, owns a successful hair salon in Nashville but has remained single since a traumatic breakup four years ago. While Gina is completely dedicated to her career, she is ready for a life partner. Clint, 40, considers himself a lifelong learner with a passion for sailing and flying planes. After living with an ex, he feels he could be a good husband. Is it just me, or does he look like Chuck Norris? When I saw him in that cowboy hat, I thought I accidently changed the channel. Nonetheless, these two both seem spontaneous and ready to try new things. Hopefully one of those things will be true love.
Kirsten, 32, is ready to start a family but is not willing to settle for anything less than what she deserves. Not only is she picky about her food and clothes, she is even pickier about her man. She definitely knows what she wants in life, especially when it comes to a relationship. Kirsten’s strong personality and confidence has helped her meet many potential suitors. But she’s yet to find someone who meets her high standards.
Shaquille, 31, is in a great place in his career and personal life and is ready for marriage. After a traumatic car accident in his childhood, he devoted his life to God and becoming successful. He has even been going to therapy for the last few years in order to help him become the type of husband he wants to be for his future wife. His friends are shocked when he reveals the good news.
​​​​​​​At the wedding, Kirsten is feeling the pressure when her mom hasn’t arrived yet. With her father already declining to attend, she would be heartbroken if neither of her parents were in attendance. She doesn’t want a lack of family at the ceremony to appear to be a red flag to her husband. Forget the parents; I am more concerned about what is going to happen when they see one another. Something tells me, Kirsten is going to be surprised. Meanwhile, Shaquille is having an emotional breakdown right before walking down the aisle. Stay tuned next week for the ceremony.
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