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by: Andy Cordan
SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — Interstate 65 motorists driving through a construction zone near Spring Hill on Wednesday afternoon got a huge shock when a man began throwing construction barrels and blinking caution lights at passing cars and semis.
Police say the call came out around 3:47 p.m. when drivers began reporting damage to their vehicles from thrown construction equipment between mile market 51 and mile marker 53, near the Saturn Parkway exit.
According to police, a man later identified as Daron Grisham was in the median between the northbound and southbound lanes, and was throwing equipment at trucks and cars flying by at 70 miles per hour.
By the time Spring Hill Police arrive, the 26-year-old has fled into a nearby field, adjacent to the interstate.
Bodycam worn by K9 officer Byron Davis captures the moments that the suspect is arrested:
OFFICER: Show me your hands now!
GRISHAM: I just came from my yard over here.
OFFICER: OK. What are you doing over here though?
GRISHAM: There’s stores over there. What are you doing over here?
OFFICER: Because we have a call of someone throwing stuff off a bridge hitting cars.
GRISHAM: Does it look like I’m on a bridge
OFFICER: No, I’m detaining you.
GRISHAM: No, you are not.
OFFICER: Put your hands behind your back.
GRISHAM: You are detaining me for what?
OFFICER: Yes sir, till we figure out who you are.
GRISHAM: No no no!
Grisham denied he was on the interstate throwing items at cars and trucks.
OFFICER: We have an individual at the bridge down here. Either this bridge or this bridge, throwing stuff and hitting people’s cars.
GRISHAM: well guess what?
OFFICER: You meet the description.
GRISHAM: I’ve been in Columbia since 4 a.m. A state trooper pulled me over. I’ve been walking in the woods since then. He would not take me home.
OFFICER: Do you not understand what I am saying, though?
As the investigation unfolds, Sergeant Tommy Barber talked to other officers on the side of the highway. He talked to one of the victim truck drivers whose window was shattered, and described what the victim told him.
“He said he was throwing barrels and breaking stuff and throwing stuff on the interstate and I’m like what in the world,” Sgt. Barber
According to investigators, two passenger cars were struck by construction items, and so was a semi-truck.
Photos showed shattered glass that exploded inside the cab of the truck. Police say shards of glass cut the driver slightly.
Det. Mike Foster says, “Luckily it didn’t startle him and cause him to hit other vehicles, and cause a chain reaction or a domino effect,” said Detective Mike Foster.
Until he was loaded in the back of a waiting squad car, Grisham told officers that he was not guilty of the crime, maintaining that he was walking for hours up the interstate.
Police say there is no motive at this time for the crime.
Grisham is in the Maury County Jail charged with a number of crimes including reckless endangerment and evading arrest. He’s being held under a $13,500 bond.
Police say the truck driver has dashcam video of the incident.
Metro Police say Grisham has a history of drug and driving charges in Nashville that ended in 2015.
Maury County, where Grisham is currently housed, says the 26-year-old has no record there.

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