Local barbershop robbed of over $1500 in equipment – WNDU-TV

Every business owner’s nightmare is to wake up, go into work, and realize that they’ve been robbed. For Julio Rodriguez, the owner of Exclusive Studios in Mishawaka, that nightmare became reality.
On Tuesday Morning Julio Rodriguez and his team went in to work, only to find that the barber shop had been broken into and robbed of over $1500 worth of equipment.
“We honestly never expected something like this to happen. We’ve only been in business for two years and like yeah we were all pretty much just shocked and didn’t know what to do. All we could do is just close the shop down for the day,” said Julio Rodriguez, Owner of Exclusive Studios.
However, since the shop had been forced to close for the day, many people have tried to show their support by coming in for hair cuts.
“We try to accept any body who comes in. That’s why when you walk in you see the together sign. Because we stand for that,” said Rodriguez.
Rodriguez is hopeful that something like this does not happen again or to anyone else in the community.
Police have no new information yet, but will continue to investigate and check surveillance cameras in the area to find the culprit.
“We just have to be more careful on uh just locking the shop up better and better security system and everything like that. Just stay on top of it,” said Rodriguez.
Rodriguez and his team are grateful to the community for the love and support that Exclusive Studios has received since the incident.
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