Local barber shops, salons, gyms to shut down Friday – WKBW-TV

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday as COVID-19 cases rise in Erie County, personal care services will be the first to close.
The Governor made the announcement that Erie County was entering an Orange Zone, which means some businesses will have to close temporarily.
The first businesses to close under these restrictions include:
Salons (nail and hair)
Barber shops
Tattoo parlors
Fitness centers and classes
Laser hair removal
All other personal care
They’re taking away what we do for a career,” said Paul Laurie of District Barber Shops. “Now, I have no option to make any type of money.”
We’re inside District Barber Shop downtown where barbers are waiting to hear what is going to happen to personal care services. @wkbw pic.twitter.com/CWbCQjWaVC
Laurie, one of the shops owners says he’s frustrated because his business, employees and clients have been following the rules. He says he understands the need for everyone to stay safe, but feels his business, and income is under the hand of politicians.
“You open up a business so you don’t have to work for someone,” he said. “Now, we work for someone and he’s telling us we have to shut down,” Laurie said of Cuomo.
The personal care businesses in Erie County’s Orange Zone must be closed by end of business Thursday. There is no timetable on when they can reopen.
We can’t do this a second time,” said Terrie of Terrie’s Workout Center on Hertel.
Terrie says her business has been feeling the hit. Gyms were one of the last businesses to reopen almost three months ago.
“I’m worried,” she said. “I hope my members still support me.”


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