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ROCK FALLS, Ill. — A local barber in Rock Falls, Illinois is giving back to his tiny Tennessee town in their time of need. Ben Phillips owns Ben’s Phresh Kutz Barber Shop in downtown Rock Falls. He moved to the area back in the 90’s, but is originally from Waverly, Tennessee. It’s one of the many towns that have been devastated from flooding and hurricane damage in the past couple of weeks.
Phillip’s is now looking to provide the town with personal care products to help those who have lost belongings or homes from the natural disasters. Phillip’s saying, “It’s a small community west of Nashville with a big heart. I was born there, it’s my home town.”
He’ll be driving down to Waverly Friday afternoon with all the donations he’s collected. Phillip’s says it’s devastating to think of the place he grew up in shambles, “This is just unbelievable. It was horrific to see my childhood home I grew up in completely destroyed. It was heartbreaking, that’s where I learned how to be a barber.”
The barber shop that is normally filled with customers is now filled with donations, and they’re still coming. The company Phillip’s works for, Wahl Clippers, donated boxes of personal care products like combs, clippers, curling irons, razors, and more.
There’s also been donations from generous strangers. Some bringing by things like paper towels, toilet paper, lightbulbs and dish soap.
It’s a tragedy that hits close to home for Phillip’s, with family and friends still living in the area. He lost two cousins to the flood, who stayed behind to alert neighbors of the flooding, helping them to escape. Other family members are now dealing with homes that are completely ruined. 
Phillip’s saying, “Some of them lost their homes and a lot of them are displaced.” He says the town only has one hotel, which means gas gift cards are also being welcomed to help families drive to and from Waverly and the places they have to stay for now.
Amidst the chaos, Phillip’s says his goal is simple: to bring some comfort to the residents of the place he calls home. Phillip’s saying, “My goal is to make the Waverly community feel good. That’s my goal.”
You can find a list of Red Cross donation items and FEMA donation item suggestions at the links here. Phillip’s says he will take any and all donations down to Waverly, Tennessee. If you have something you would like to donate Phillip’s asks to please have it dropped off Friday September 4th, by 4:00 p.m at Ben’s Phresh Kutz Barber Shop located at 207 2nd Ave Rock Falls, Illinois.
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