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The hair market has bloomed in recent years and has become a potential business that attracts people to invest into it. Among the multiple choices: Vietnamese hair factory, Chinese hair factory, Indian hair factory,… it is easy to feel overwhelmed.
Even if you are a newbie in hair market or you are a wholesaler with many years experience in this business, this article written with the comprehension of an expert will show Why Vietnamese hair is the best hair and how to choose a reliable vendor for your business.
Vietnamese hair market is still new compared to Chinese or Indian one, but it has bloomed so fast these years and has become the best choice of hair vendors all around the world.
Let’s see how Vietnamese hair became the most favourite hair of the big wholesalers in the world
Vietnamese raw hair is 100% human hair, collected from healthy donors, unprocessed before, no egg, no lices. It is virgin hair, cut from one donor only so there is no mix.
That is why Vietnamese hair is the perfect hair if you want to style, even bleach or dye the hair to many colors.
In Vietnam, the hair is made by skillful workers with many years experience in hair production. All the steps of making the hair is observed carefully to assure the best hair quality
At 5S Hair Factory, we are proud to be the biggest hair factory recognised as an international standard factory. The hair will go through many strict processes before getting to the customers:
Vietnamese production scale is increasing everyday and it is becoming more advanced and modern. Therefore, the price is more and more reasonable to help the wholesalers in the world earn more profits by investing in Vietnamese hair.
The price comes with the quality, so you will receive what you pay for. Many wholesalers have smart choices with Vietnamese hair.
Vietnamese hair factory is known for their best quality hair. They provide luxury hair that can be styled, bleached or dyed and even last for a long time. Their hair is durable up to 7 years if it is taken care of in the right way.
Thanks to the safe source and the carefulness of the production, Vietnamese hair factory is trusted and loved by many wholesalers or hair salon owners.
Moreover, the price is more and more reasonable and affordable. So if you are newbies or you have been in the hair business for years, you can always start with Vietnamese luxury hair.
China is a large market that produces hair extensions for many years. The development of Chinese economy is undeniable. So it is easy to understand why their hair factories have a large scale compared to other countries. It is the reason why the price of Chinese hair factory is quite cheap and the styles are various.
But is the quality of hair as perfect as the price? – Not really!
As the comment of the customers tried Chinese hair, their hair is pretty when receiving it but after a short time of using, it turns bad with shedding or color faded
To earn more profits, some suppliers even mix their hair with synthetic hair or unknown source hair to reduce the cost of producing.
There is no doubt that among the 3 biggest hair markets in the world, Indian hair factories supply the cheapest price.
Due to the available materials and the cheap labor cost, their price is very very cheap compared to Vietnamese and Chinese hair. But the price comes with the quality, their hair is collected from complex sources, from the hair salon floor to temple hair,… Sometimes it is even mixed with animal hair.
So, it is hard to assure the quality of this hair.
As I mentioned below, the price of Vietnamese hair factory is not as cheap as Chinese hair. But if you want to sell the best quality hair, build your brand name and the your customers will get back to you hundred times, then Vietnamese hair is the best choice for you.
Here is the price of 5S Hair Factory – the largest hair factory which supplies the most reasonable price in Vietnam
Due to the thickness of the hair, Vietnamese hair has 3 popular grades: single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn.
This is the price list for hair from 8 – 30 inches, natural straight, natural color hair. The unit is USD per kg (10 bundles).
For example, you need 8 inches of single drawn natural straight hair, it costs 88$/kg So the price for 1 bundle is 8,8$
One of the things that you are confused about when you read until here is that: Is Vietnamese hair that good, right?
To answer your question, here is the feedback from the customers when they bought hair from 5S Hair Factory – the biggest Vietnamese hair factory. Let’s see what customers say about us!
5S HAIR INTRODUCTION: The Best Raw Virgin Hair Wholesale Factory of Vietnam.
If you are new to the hair business or you are inexperienced in purchasing Vietnamese hair, you can be confused about how to work with Vietnamese hair factory. So by applying these recommendations, it can be much easier for you.
If you are just starting your hair business, you should focus on high quality as a key point to keep customers. Many customers who started their hair business import hair at a very cheap price and then they receive the bad quality and can’t sell it. That made them disappointed and gave up on this potential business.
So the pivotality here is that you really should get the high quality hair to sell to your customers although the price can be higher than others. Following that, what can you receive?
When you sell the quality hair for customers for their first order, they will remember you as a seller with high quality hair. You will receive a lot of good reviews after selling Vietnamese hair because of the quality.
The customers now want to buy the hair with affordable price and high quality. They are willing to pay for high quality products even if the price is a little bit higher than other vendors. So Vietnamese high quality hair is the one who keeps the customers coming back to you.
->> Here is the expert advice for starters with Vietnamese hair:
You can’t purchase products if you don’t have money right? If you want to earn more and get huge profits, you need to invest your money.
Each hairstyle will have a different price. As you can see, short hair is cheaper than long hair; single drawn hair is cheaper than double drawn and super double drawn. So you should start with short hair and double drawn hair to test the quality and see how the market goes. It is more affordable with a start-up business.
When you are a long-time wholesale hair seller and you have been in the hair business for many years, it is absolutely that you have a variety of customers: customers with high budget and demand, customers with lower budget,…
So you will have a different approach for each group of customers.
Therefore, Vietnamese luxury hair is the best choice for your business because it is the best quality hair in the market with the reasonable price in the worldwide market. If your customers can try this, they probably stick with your brand.
Nowadays, there are so many hair vendors in Vietnam, that can make you confused about how to choose a reliable supplier among them. So let’s take expert advice to become a professional trader when you are just starting out.
This is the first step for you to enter the hair business with Vietnamese hair vendors. So which signs show that the vendor you are working with is trustable?
1.1. Have a qualified website, fanpage
Firstly, having a real and professional website is a sign of a trusty company. A website is a groundwork where an association can show their details, their information, and products,…
So by wandering a page or site of a factory, you can know more about their brand.
1.2. Able to video call
Now there are many scammers in the market, so we have to check carefully before investing your money. If they are the real hair factory and have their real office, the vendor won’t hesitate to video call with you to show their place.
You also can know more about the styles, the quality of the hair by video call with vendors.
1.3. Feedback from customers
There is no doubt that good feedback is a perfect answer to the service and quality of a company. If they are a good factory, they will probably have the comments of the old customers.
If you are a wholesaler, just ask them about their feedback!
1.4. Guarantee policy
Some vendors just sell their hair and there is no guarantee policy for customers. When the problems come, they just do nothing for their purchaser. Just find a company with a good warranty even after selling the hair. So they are a real factory that you can work with.
Secondly, when you are done with the first step and find a supplier for your business, let’s choose the hairstyle.
There are various hairstyles for you to choose from natural straight, bone straight or curly hair,… Thus, it is quite hard to choose which one is suitable to start. The advice here is you can take a sample order to test the hair.
Here are some small tips for your sample order:
When you are satisfied with the price and the shipment, here is the step that almost everyone wants to know: payment
There are many important steps to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria. You really need to invest your time before your money. But, believe me: Good things take time!
Actually, the time of production in each factory is different. It also depends on the hair that you choose. For example, if you need color hair, it probably lasts longer than natural color. But normally it will take about 10 – 12 days to make the hair.
The time of shipping is from 5-7 days to Nigeria. The cost of shipping from Mr. Gabriel’s office to Nigeria is 11,5$/kg
Here are the top 4 best Vietnamese hair factories that I do a lot of research on. These hair factories adapt to the demands of: high quality, reasonable price, good service,…
5S Hair Factory is the first Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam, founded by Mr. ADAM SMITH CEO – an experienced entrepreneur in hair business. 5S Vietnamese hair factory supplies 100% high-quality Vietnamese raw bulk virgin hair, weft hair, curly wavy hair extension, lace closure frontal, and human lace wigs to wholesale hair sellers in the world such as Brazil, Dubai, Russia, America,… especially Africa market (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa,…)
In 5S Hair – Vietnamese hair factory, we are proud to meet all the standards needed in hair manufacturing. Our production scale is up to five thousand hair employees working in different specialized departments:
All the hair machines and equipment are imported from Korea, Japan and America so that the hair can have even high quality. The chemicals used to bleach and dye hair are high products made from natural ingredients, 100% friendly and safe for using. The colored Vietnamese hair can meet European colors standard and is hard to fade.
Contact to get the best deal (only through WhatsApp, no Instagram DM) is a public website that provides helpful knowledge about Vietnamese hair, as well as other hair. By visiting their website, you can know much more about all types of hair: virgin hair, remy hair, non-remy hair,… They can show you how to start a hair business easily and how to become a hair professional to be successful in this potential business.
If you are looking for a hair vendor, you can visit their page to get the best suggestion.
In recent years, K-HAIR has reached the top of the leading factories in Vietnam. K-hair factory is one of the biggest hair factories in Vietnam, supplying wholesale orders to all traders in the world. The main market of K-hair Vietnamese Hair Factory is from Africa (Nigeria, Ghana,South Africa,…), America, Russia, Brazil,Dubai,…
• Click Here To See Intro Video of K-Hair factory:
• Click Here To See 30 Years Happy Anniversary Video Of K-Hair Factory: Click now!
This hair factory has been famous on social media these years and among wholesale customers all over the world. K-hair Vietnamese hair Factory is considered to be “loyal vendors” of foreign customers because of the best price, high quality and assurance policy.
With their core value: “Quality is King”, K-HAIR is proud to provide not only the best hair quality but also the most reasonable price for various ranges of customers all over the world.
Mrs. Cherry Factory Boss From K-Hair is a reliable wholesale hair dealer in Vietnam. She is a hair expert and she has been loved hair vendors of wholesale hair sellers from Africa (especially Nigeria hair sellers). She has been accompanying with many customers to start their business to the pinnacle of success, she will give you the best hair advices through her practical experiences. She deals directly with wholesalers big orders at factory prices. If you want to start hair business without any direction or you want to change vendors to reliable ones, she will be a great friend to accompany with.
Contact for more information:
(Inform The Discount Code When Chatting Through WhatsApp : “CHERRYPULSE” to get from 250-300 USD for wholesale hair orders)
Doing business is not an easy way but its fruit is sweet. If you are careful and patient at the very first step: finding a reliable supplier, then your path will be much easier. I hope that after this article, you will have a smart choice and your business will fly one day.
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