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Pastor Paul Garza from Victorious Frontline Church (VFC), opened a new Christian barbershop in Alice named Kingdom Kutz with the motto “Much more than a cut.”
Kingdom Kutz is the third entity Garza has opened to spread his mission to help people get closer to God. He’s the Pastor of the VFC church in downtown Alice, a men’s discipleship program that houses over 20 men facing addiction and now a Christian barbershop. 
“Kingdom Kutz will glorify God and his kingdom,” Garza said. 
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His head barber, Justin Trevino, supports Garza’s mission with first-hand testimony of what the discipleship men’s home offered him and shares Garza’s mission has offered him. 
After being in many barbershops throughout the years I decided I could recreate one that focuses on my mission,” he added. “The shop only plays Christian music, the language is nice and not X-rated and we do not have half-naked women plastered all over the walls.” 
Make no mistake, Kingdom Kutz Barbershop doesn’t look like some average run of mill barbershop. Garza went all out. There’s gold plated and black lined barber chairs, nice new equipment and furniture.
“This barbershop has class,”  Trevino said. 
Both men have struggled in life with addictions and trauma and after a new renowned faith they’ve both set out to share their lessons and values with the hopes to make the world a better place.
“I feel like we are here to help the people everyone else have given up on,” Garza said. 
“Trevino and I both know the journey, both have been to multiple rehabs and both know what it is to be restored,” he added. “Some men do not feel comfortable walking into a church, but they all need a hair cut, this will be placed to share my ministry and reach more people and the barbershop will be an extension of that mission.” 
What: Kingdom Kutz barbershop 
Where: 402 S. Cameron St., Alice 
Hours: 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday (Walk-ins welcome)
Information: 361-396-4051 or visit


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