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The barber for the Kansas City Chiefs tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday, his results returning as he was cutting the player’s hair. 
The football team had 20 people, including players and staff, at a barber shop Sunday to get haircuts a week out from them playing in the Super Bowl. During the appointments, the barber’s coronavirus test results came back positive, sources told ESPN.
Backup center Daniel Kilgore was in the barber chair when the test results were returned. The barber and Kilgore were both wearing masks when Kilgore told the barber to finish the haircut since he was already considered a close contact. 
Wide receiver Demarcus Robinson and Kilgore were put on the coronavirus list since they were both considered close contacts with the barber. They will both still be allowed to play in the Super Bowl if they test negative for the virus for five consecutive days. 
The Super Bowl is set to be played on Feb. 7 with the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing off for the title. 
Event organizers are allowing limited fans totaling about 25,000 due to the pandemic with the CDC director telling fans not to cheer or yell too much as a precaution.
All players, coaches and support staff are being tested for COVID-19 twice daily leading up to the championship game.
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