Kabul barber fears uncertain future under Taliban rule while residents hope for jobs – WION

A barber trims the beard of a customer in Kabul on May 20, 2020. (File Photo) Photograph:( AFP )
As the foreign troop withdrawal nears its completion, many residents fear for their jobs
A barber working in the Afghan capital of Kabul said on Wednesday, that he was scared of what Taliban rule could mean for his trade in the future.
“There is no work, and in the previous system of the Islamic Emirate, our work was against the law, and they said that men’s make-up and tattoos are not allowed, so the clientele is very low, everyone is scared and I work in fear, and their (Taliban) law has not been implemented yet, whether we will be allowed to work or not.” said Mohammad Amin Noori.

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Other residents said they hoped for more jobs and opportunities under the Taliban.

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It comes as western countries rushed to complete the evacuation of thousands of people from Afghanistan as the Aug. 31 deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops drew closer with no sign that the Taliban rulers might allow an extension.
The Taliban said all foreign evacuations must be completed by Aug. 31 and asked the United States to stop urging talented Afghans to leave, while also trying to persuade people at the airport to go home, assuring them that they had nothing to fear.
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While the focus is now on those people trying to flee, the risk of starvation, disease and persecution is rising for the rest of the population after the chaotic exodus from Kabul airport ends, aid agencies say.

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