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Jennifer Aniston Hair icon..Her infamous “Rachel” haircut was the reason why thousands (perhaps millions) of women around the world went to the salon. Flippy layer She is inspirational in the 90’s and even today TikTok teen Throw away the waves of sophisticated beaches Bouncing punk..
So it’s a little surprising that she isn’t on board Celebrity beauty brand I trained and launched a hair care line.Until now, that is, as her brand LolaVie (A reference to Aniston’s nickname “Laura”) will be available on September 8th.
LolaVie will be available in just one product. Shiny detangler, A versatile spray that untangles, smoothes, shines and acts as a heat protectant with a blend of lemon extract, botanical ceramide and chia seeds.
“I love that the product has a lot of work in one, so it has a thermal protectant and shine, and so it’s time-efficient,” Aniston said. Allure Why she started with a single product. “”[My hair routine is] It’s basically washed and conditioned, brushed with a detangler, put in a towel for 10 minutes, then blown off or air-dried, “she continued.
Around Allure, LolaVie Has been in development for over 5 years and more products are coming soon. The brand aims to combine the best of nature and science, and Glossing Detangler is 99% naturally derived. The brand is also focused on sustainability, is a renewable resource and is not abused, so we replaced all the water in our formula with bamboo essence.
Jennifer Aniston previously Opened to Glamour About her hair journey. “I love straight hair,” she said. “When I was little, I had really long, straight hair on my butt. In fact, it was under my butt, and when my mom empowered me to do what I wanted to do with my hair. I accidentally cut it all off .. I couldn’t put it back, and when I cut it short, I noticed it was curly hair. “
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