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BYRON, Ga. — It’s been a year since Nicole Johnson opened her hair salon here in Houston County, but she says there’s been some obstacles along the way.
“I decided to open my salon on March 13, 2020, and of course that was at the beginning of the pandemic,” she said.
Johnson, owner of Miss Nikki the Stylist Hair Salon, says it took months for her to fully open her salon because of state COVID-19 restrictions.
But once she did, it was a dream come true.
“I actually have pictures from when I was eight and I used to style my mom’s hair, so this was always my dream and to be able to actually walk into that dream, it’s just an overwhelming feeling,” she said.
After months of booking appointments with ease, this month is off to a rocky start.
On April 1, she got a call that someone broke into her salon, stealing all of her tools and bundles of hair.
Johnson says she was on vacation when it happened, and it was another stylist who called to tell her.
She says in total, she estimates it was about $4,000 worth of items taken.
“At that moment, I can’t even describe the feeling that I felt to be violated in that manner,” Johnson said.
She says she was able to file a report with the Houston County Sheriff’s Department and get surveillance video from a neighboring business.
Johnson posted about the burglary on Facebook, and she said clients started cancelling April appointments almost immediately.
But she says it was that same Facebook post that also got her overwhelming help from complete strangers.
“I received a lot of inbox messages about what can I do to help you, ‘I’m so sorry about what’s happened to you,’ and a lot of people just started sending me money to my Cash App and my PayPal,” Johnson said.
She says she’s gotten close to $1,000 so far.
And after clients started cancelling their April appointments, she said she was able to get some back.
“I have received maybe 40% of those bookings back, so this past week I was pretty booked. This coming week, it’ll be slow, but I’m gaining my appointments back, so I’m excited about that,” Johnson said.
Book an appointment with Johnson here. People can donate to Johnson’s salon fund at her PayPal here.
The Houston County Sheriff’s Department is actively investigating the burglary.
If you have any information on the person seen in the surveillance video, please give the department a call at (478) 542-2125.
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