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Surround Sound Reviews
— November 16, 2021 01:25
Sony’s HT-A9 is a wireless 4-speaker home theater system that employs a 4.0.4-channel speaker layout using proprietary DSP technologies to create up to 12 “phantom” speakers to recreate a Dolby Atmos.
— November 08, 2021 01:00
Stereo gear has changed A LOT in the last 50 years, but some people would still say there was never a better time for sound than in the 1970’s. Come join us on a look at what the 70’s had to offer.
Audio Amplifier Reviews
— November 14, 2021 12:35
NAD releases two new integrated amps. The M10V2 adds Dolby Digital processing and tweaked amplifier performance & the C700 streaming integrated amp let’s you easily add speakers for a simple setup.
Jerry Del Colliano — November 01, 2021 10:15
In our editorial on risk vs reward of home theater sales in the AV Specialty market we look at what goes into getting return clients which one day may get you that million dollar sale.
Surround Sound Reviews
— November 10, 2021 01:45
The Arendal Sound new 1723 Height S speaker($1,500/pair) is designed for wall or ceiling mounting. It delivers Dolby Atmos height channels without the compromises you get in reflective speakers.
— October 18, 2021 02:10
The IC chip shortage is wreaking havoc on many electronics products, but does this chip shortage threaten the health and viability of the specialty audio and home theater market? Read on to find out.
Tower Speaker Reviews
— November 03, 2021 02:00
Philharmonic Audio BMR tower is a 3-way wide dispersion speaker that scales up the performance and bass output from of their fabulous Philharmonitor previously reviewed. Read on to see if how it’s done.
Jerry Del Colliano — October 10, 2021 23:30
With online ordering at an all time high and retail specialty stores closing, how is high-end audio gear getting sold? In this article we’ll look at new and better ways to sell audiophile equipment.
Wireless & Computer Speaker Reviews
Dua Rushid — October 29, 2021 01:30
Amazon claims their new Echo Studio is the first smart speaker to combines voice-activation technology and home automation with 3D immersive audio. Read our review to see how it performed.
AV News
— October 08, 2021 11:45
Arriving in the US this Fall, Audi’s compact Q4 e-tron electric SUV (~$50,000) will offer the world’s first Sonos-branded automotive audio system. Is it worthy of the SONOS name? Read on to find out.
Subwoofer Reviews
— October 26, 2021 18:35
Starke Sound put very capable drivers in their lower cost SW12 and SW15 sealed powered subwoofers. we compare these 2 subs to help you make the right purchasing decision based on your needs.
Jerry Del Colliano — September 28, 2021 13:45
Blu-rays are bulky and not really needed anymore. Streaming in HD is killer but audiophiles hate change. Here are three ways to manage your digital music to get the best sound and convenience.
Bookshelf Speaker Reviews
— October 24, 2021 13:30
We review the Perlisten S4b 3-way bookshelf speaker system to see if the unparalleled technology found in their flagship S7t tower performs superbly in a more modestly sized package.
Audio Technologies
Dua Rashid — September 26, 2021 20:20
WAV, FLAC, MP3, MQA, what is the best audio CODEC to handle your audio files? Audioholics has put together a guide explaining these extensions and what they mean in terms of sound quality and storage.
AV Receiver Reviews
— October 20, 2021 23:30
Denon released three new 8K AV receivers, the AVR-S760H, AVR-S660H, & AVR-X1700H. The AVRs come in from $450-$700 with some amazing technology including three 8K HDMI inputs and advanced voice control.
— September 24, 2021 00:45
The 2021 semiconductor shortage has illuminated serious vulnerabilities in global supply chains. This article looks at how we got here, what governments are doing about it and a possible outcome.
Tower Speaker Reviews
— October 14, 2021 11:15
Grimaldi Systems launched two new on-wall/in-wall speakers, the Rixos-L and Rixos-H. Both are active, DSP-controlled speakers that utilize Grimani Systems’ signature Conic Section Array Waveguide.
AV News
— September 20, 2021 00:50
Launching later this year, the Lucid Air is a luxury electric car with the world’s first automotive Dolby Atmos sound system which will also be integrated into the car’s safety features. Read on.
Tower Speaker Reviews
— October 12, 2021 13:00
PSB launched two new flagship loudspeakers, the Synchrony T600 floorstanders ($8,000/pair) and the Synchrony B600 stand-mount speaker ($2,500/pair). High performance meets value? Read on.
Jerry Del Colliano — September 17, 2021 11:20
Could today’s recording techniques be the problem with the audiophile hobby, or do today’s younger listeners not really care? We’ll look at what goes into the art of recording in our editorial.
Subwoofer Reviews
— October 04, 2021 13:40
The Monoprice Monolith 16″ THX Ultra subwoofer sports huge excursion ability with an enormous cabinet, and 1,800 watts of power. This Extreme Bassaholic rated sub is a true bruiser with audiophile chops.
Trade Show Coverage
— August 28, 2021 10:20
We won’t let COVID-19 keep us down. For 2021, we are happy to provide Virtual CEDIA Trade show coverage of the brands participating live at the showfloor or virtually through our YouTube Channel.
Subwoofer Reviews
— October 01, 2021 01:00
The JBL HDI-1200P is a dual-ported, 1,000-watt, high-excursion 12″ cone sub, so it has the good on paper, but does the performance live up to the specs? Read on to find out!
Jerry Del Colliano — August 23, 2021 16:00
With the Delta variant causing a surge in COVID-19 across our country and a growing list of exhibitors like: Yamaha, Sound United, Harman, Sony, etc pulling out, should CEDIA be cancelled for 2021?
Tower Speaker Reviews
— September 30, 2021 00:45
Take a look at Starke Sound’s P Series high-powered loudspeakers. The P3/P3i, P5, and P7 range from $2.5k to $9.5k each putting Starke Sounds P series squarely in the high end home cinema market.
DEXON — August 23, 2021 01:00
Video conferencing is here to stay and if you’re looking to go big there are plenty of video wall solutions for you to choose from. Here are 5 Great Solutions for Video Display in a conference room.
Bookshelf Speaker Reviews
— September 22, 2021 00:20
If you are shopping for high performance bookshelf speakers for under $1k, we have put together a guide for our top picks in the $800/pair range for 2021. Great for 2CH or a full home theater system.
Jerry Del Colliano — August 17, 2021 12:30
Should you save or trash your AV boxes is a question that many audiophiles have had through the years. Which ones are worth saving and which should hit the recycling bin? Read on to find out.
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