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LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) August 30, 2021
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, another epidemic is raging—the high suicide rates among veterans. But independent distributor Invincible Entertainment is attempting to raise awareness of this problem through an epic film, Hell or High Seas.
A new report by Boston University reveals that military suicides are four times higher than deaths in war operations. The report estimates that 30,177 active duty personnel and veterans of post 9/11 wars have died by suicide compared to the 7,057 service members killed in post 9/11 war operations. The report cites several factors that have influenced this high rate of suicide, such as difficulty reintegrating into civilian life, high exposure to trauma, and stress.
Hell or High Seas is a true story of a Navy Vet’s struggle with PTSD after re-entering civilian life, and his quest to sail around Cape Horn to calm the storms within. The film follows former Navy rescue swimmer Taylor Grieger and writer Stephen O’Shea on the adventure of a lifetime. As the two sail the world’s most treacherous ocean waters to raise awareness about veteran suicide, Grieger finds healing from his own painful journey with PTSD.
From director Glenn Holsten, producer Chayne Gregg and executive producer, TV Personality and Founder of the Robert Irvine Foundation, Robert Irvine, Hell or High Seas presents a gripping emotional and physical journey. Grieger and O’Shea were able to capture hundreds of hours of footage over months at sea, including the team’s battle with Hurricane Harvey. This footage was combined with other key footage and interviews shot by Holsten with director of photography John Pope. Working with a team of post-production professionals, Holsten and Gregg have crafted an adventure film with an important message that feels both organic and highly polished.
Commenting on the upcoming launch of the film, Irvine said: “Taylor Grieger’s story is an honorable one, and I hope eye opening for all who watch Hell or High Seas. Through the Robert Irvine Foundation, I’ve dedicated much of my life to raising awareness around the sacrifices that active and retired military members have made on behalf of this great country. To be a part of showcasing this incredible story is an absolute privilege. I am immensely grateful to Taylor for sharing his journey with us.”
Like so many other veterans, Grieger was diagnosed with complex PTSD after his discharge from the military. Sadly, he was given little-to-no guidance on how to cope with his condition, and suffered in silence. At his lowest point, he tried to take his life. Thankfully the universe had other plans and a failed suicide attempt sparked a life-changing mission: conquer Cape Horn to raise awareness about the veteran suicide epidemic, and help pave a smoother path for veterans returning to civilian life.
Hell or High Seas sheds light on a subject that is often considered taboo; however, Grieger is changing the tide through his bravery and honesty in sharing his struggles and charting a path to overcome them. When asked to share his motivation for documenting his experiences of living with PTSD, he explained: “Stephen and I decided to document this because too many of my buddies were leaving the military and killing themselves shortly after. We thought that maybe if we let as many veterans as we could know that they weren’t alone in this fight, that with time your mind can heal, we might be able to turn the tide in the veteran suicide epidemic. We also figured we couldn’t just film ourselves sitting in a room talking about these things, we’d have to do something big and bad enough to grab people’s attention. Hence using this planet’s deadliest waters as the backdrop for our mission, Cape Horn.”
Through this gruelling expedition, Grieger found healing in what could be described as an adventure of therapy. His dream is to get a boat big enough to start running expeditions for vets battling the same issue. He said: “If I could get those guys on the water and show them what it's like to just be in glass water and a purple sunset, I think it'd give them a different perspective. It gave me a different perspective.”
Founder and CEO of Invincible Entertainment Thomas Ashley is excited about the upcoming launch of the film. Ashley states, “Hell or High Seas is Invincible’s first post COVID theatrical release and we could not think of a better cause to bring people together for. We are truly inspired by the message of hope this film portrays and we know that message will resonate with audiences everywhere.”
Through a series of pre-screenings, Hell or High Seas has already sparked a fresh debate on veteran suicides and what can be done to prevent them. One previewer who saw the film was inspired to contribute to the change. He said: “Most eye-opening documentary I've ever seen. Truly amazing what these guys have accomplished and are doing for our veterans. I will definitely join the fight and help raise awareness for this physical and mental struggle that nobody should have to go through alone. One team one fight!”
Set to premiere in theaters on October 8th, Hell or High Seas’ debut follows September’s Suicide Prevention and Awareness month. For further information or to watch a trailer of the film, visit:
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