‘I wanted to support her’: Barber shaves own head to comfort woman battling breast cancer – WFLA

by: NBC News Channel/WJAR
(WJAR/NBC) – A Massachusetts barber went above and beyond to make a client feel comfortable while in his chair.
“When you like what you’re doing, you do good,” barber Georges Atieh said.
Atieh’s been a barber for about eight years but opened up his own shop, GA Barbershop in Foxborough, a few years ago.
While he does cuts for customers from all walks of life, a woman walked through his door last week.
“I was going to have my husband shave my head at home. He said go to my barber, I go to Georges,” said Sandra Smith.
Smith, 40, recently received the news no one ever wants to hear.
“I was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer in early June,” she said.
She says since starting chemotherapy, her hair has been falling out and made the difficult decision to cut it all off.
“That is when I actually just felt sick for the first time because I had actually been doing really well with the treatments and just trying to stay positive,” she says.
Smith’s husband reached out to Atieh and booked her an appointment.
“So he came in told me what’s going on with her,” Atieh said. “I wanted to support her, she’s not alone.”
He set up a camera without Smith knowing so that if she wanted, she could keep it as a memory. However, it’s what he did halfway through that left her speechless.
“When I started cutting her hair, I saw her start to become emotional so I decide to support her,” he said.
In the midst of shaving her head, he turned the blade toward his own head, becoming bald himself.
“I said I want to support you and now we look the same,” he said.
“I definitely didn’t expect that at all. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry while I was shaving my hair off and I was trying to keep calm but as soon as he did that it was such a shock but so touching,” Smith said.
She says in a world where people barely take a minute to talk to a stranger, what this one did deserves recognition.
“It was just such a kind gesture, just such a good person and put me at ease,” she said.
Because after all, it’s not about what’s on the outside, but the inside that matters.
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