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Hyatt Regency Cairo West marks the return of the Hyatt brand into Egypt’s capital, Cairo. The newest upscale hotel in Cairo’s cultural heart, is about to welcome guests soon at the exclusive Pyramids Heights Business Park!
This ultra-modern hotel and hub is boldly imagined for holiday hunters and business seekers, and is set to be the go-to destination for travelers and those seeking a one-of-a-kind elegant and aesthetic experience. Overlooking Cairo’s glorious city skyline and the Great Pyramids of Giza, it is just a 20-minute trip from the Sphinx International Airport, and 12 minutes away from the highly anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum. You can say that it’s the perfect spot for the perfect stay.
“The Hyatt brand isn’t only back, it’s back with a completely new F&B, dining, and accommodation experience. Cairo will see something that it has never seen before.” – Tarek, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Cairo West
The multi-faceted property is a marvel with grand outdoor areas and indoor spaces inspired by ancient Egyptian solar boats. So, expect to be enchanted by the establishment’s unique fusion of modern design and cultural heritage right at the electrifying epicenter of Cairo.
From the moment you pull up at the gates, you’ll be spoiled from beginning to end. With an entryway straight out of your dreams, their centerpiece self-playing piano area is the most perfect welcome. To start your stay, each of the 250 style-driven rooms including 26 suites at Hyatt Regency Cairo West is so cozy, you might never want to leave. With presidential and royal suites included, all their modern-chic rooms are equipped with digitalized mirrors, light sensors and 65-inch TV screens.
Always ahead of the curve, prepare to be stunned with the first ever specialized SPA Rooms. Given the deluxe experience, we’re not sure if the spa serves as a plus to your room, or if your room is a plus to the spa! In addition, you can expect an incomparable spa experience with the only in-room couple Jacuzzi in Cairo at these aura-centric Spa Rooms.
We haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Get your fix from an array of leisure facilities, like their beauty center, gym and spa. Head to the one and only International Spa, StayFit Fitness Center, and Al Sagheer Beauty Salon, and begin your journey with your holistic wellness and beauty escapades.Feel like pampering yourself even more? The outdoor pool area is simply a recipe for bliss. Heated in the chilly days of the year and adjusted to just the right temperature throughout the rest of the year with its very own Camp Hyatt and club, the pool is an inviting space where you can cherish those little moments alone or with your family, and drown out the noise and the hustle and bustle of life.
Hands down, we’re beyond excited for all the exotic nights we’ll be spending at this elegant hub. The innovative dining concepts, the lively nightlife, and all the right kinds of wild and high-end fun have us absolutely head over heels with a fire raging under our feet.
Just as Hyatt Regency Cairo West is where modernity and authenticity collide, it presents to you Barranco, a perfect harmony between Asia and South America. A mystic Peruvian-Japanese fusion restaurant and bar, specializing in Nikkei Cuisine. A rare find in Cairo, Barranco’s alluring ambience and intimate mood transport you to the heart of Peru, knocking your taste buds out with fresh and bold flavors along the way. This noir-chic space complements your sensual dinner experience with decadent cocktails and drinks at its world-class bar. Witness Barranco transform the night into one of Cairo’s most intoxicatingly eccentric night hubs as the drinks keep on coming, and the live performances continue to hypnotize you.
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For an equally immersive mood, you can dive even deeper and head to Park Food Hall to witness for yourself 11 live cooking stations in the sophisticated modern European Food Hall. With countless options to choose from and only a few footsteps away, you’ll find all the tastes of life there. Feeling light? Catch your brunch at the deliciously delicate bakery! Feeling hungry? The live butcher will fill your belly and your eyes with one hell of a show! Park Food Hall delivers even more eclectic and inventive dining experiences including authentic tapas, pasta stops, and much more! The aroma alone emanating out of Park Food Hall is otherworldly.
The Plaza, the hall’s outdoor area, and a continuation of the mouth-watering promenade, might just be the next big social hub. With show stopping performances and live shows on the regular, the bustling and lively atmosphere comes full circle with Egyptian oriental food and grilled delicacies being served in their sunken seating areas with bites and smiles going all over the place.
If you need to cut your stay short, worry not! The Market is ideal for those on the run, and given the fact that the property proudly serves Starbucks, you can grab your coffee from them and go, or enjoy it in there for a little while with a light quick bite.
The property promises all shades and colors of grandeur, but when you book their outdoor venue, The Arena, all eyes will be green with envy over what is guaranteed to be an opulent night. A miniature of heaven, The Arena can entertain up to 3,000 guests if you’re planning a mega gathering. But if intimacy and special moments are what you seek, or if you’re looking for a more formal setting, the ultra-modern hub boasts many indoor venues for your pleasure. As you can see, whatever you need, whatever strikes your fancy, Hyatt Regency Cairo West will come through to you.
Looking for your happily ever after? Find it at their very own CWest ballroom! Once you enter their chateau-like ballroom and the doors unravel, revealing the extravagance of the hall, you’ll experience a mysticism synonymous to a fairy tale. This venue is equipped with 360 LCD screens, a first ever technology of its kind in Cairo, enabling you to witness your best moments in an ultimate cinematic view, whilst impressing your guests with a supreme visual experience. Having said that, it’s likely that the guests will go nuts!
At Hyatt Regency Cairo West, there is no need to give up business for pleasure. You can easily book one of the seven meeting rooms at the property, or explore the hotel’s ground breaking multi-functional Meeting Residence. For the first time in Cairo, this breakout expanse is the perfect business environment. From cozy couches, to coffee stations, to state-of-the-art audio visual-facilities and spaces for hosting luncheons and conferences, the Meeting Residence has everything covered.
World Hyatt members and VIPs can connect with other entrepreneurs at the Regency Club, the hotel’svery own immersive social space where you can sit, chat, and make bold new deals. Your business visit will be complete with the establishment’s countless services and features, and uninterrupted bolt Wi-Fi speed.
From getting the chance to dine in top-notch restaurants, to immersing yourself in deluxe suites and an overall impeccable experience, it is without a doubt that Hyatt Regency Cairo West is for you. Can’t sit still with the nagging thought of experiencing everything at Hyatt Regency Cairo West? Book your stay NOW.
Aya is an aspiring journalist who is into everything related to culture. A curious explorer and traveler, she graduated from the faculty of Arts with one mission in mind: experience everything. She is interested in filmmaking and scriptwriting and hopes to one day write her own feature film.


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