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A good barbering salon provides quality services with experienced professionals. The customers, whether male or female, leave the barber salon satisfied with their cut. Many will return to the salon for additional services in addition to recommending the barbering salon to friends. The start to opening a good barbering salon begins with obtaining the right education.
Attend and complete barber school. Complete the manager licensing program with the barber school, as this license is required to be a shop owner. Complete and pass the state licensing exam to receive your official manager’s license.
Write a strong business plan for the barbering salon. Research the barbering industry in your area to identify the local trends, market needs and any void within the industry. Use the research to identify how your barbering business will set itself apart from the surrounding competition.
Secure a location for your barber shop. Choose a location within a high-traffic area that has plenty of parking. This will encourage walk-in customers, as well as customers within the identified target market. Apply for the appropriate operating licenses with the state and city to comply with the applicable ordinances. Prepare the location for inspections, as many cities and states require a passed inspection before a barber shop can open for business.
Fill the location with the required furniture and equipment. Consider leasing the equipment or purchasing at wholesale in order to keep the startup costs low. Purchase any required accessories and shelve the merchandise in a way that offers an inviting display for customers. Be sure to cross-sell clients on the barber salon’s merchandise, as this is a good way to increase the salon’s overall sales.
Market the grand opening of the barbering salon. Promote the customer benefits, as well as the services, that the salon provides. Use multiple marketing options, such as newspaper, radio and social media ads, for the best results. Consider creating a website for your salon, complete with hours of operation and services offerings.
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