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Environmentalist and entrepreneur Michael Tanha is a veteran in the hospitality industry with years of experience working for various restaurants. He is the co-founder and CEO of Noble 33, a hospitality and lifestyle company that has served key locations in the US and abroad. Michael has only one condition when he works for any particular company, and that is they should prioritize the environment.
Michael earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from UCLA in 2002 and plunged into the financial industry shortly after. He worked as a trusted financial advisor for many years and was able to build a network with professionals in different fields. Through this experience, Michael gained significant exposure to innovative ideas and business projects.
After many years in the finance and private equity world, Michael’s friend Tosh Berman challenged him to step out of his comfort zone and try the restaurant industry. At first, this sounded like a frightening idea for him, but Michael took a leap of faith and pursued a career in the restaurant business. He used his prior experience from other businesses, where he developed his entrepreneurial mindset and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
Today, Michael, whose nickname is Mikey, is currently based in Los Angeles and oversees the operation of various restaurants all over the country. He had always been dedicated to the hospitality industry ever since he decided to pursue a career in this field. Michael is also particular about working for companies with sustainability goals, so he never worked for restaurants that were not involved in doing what they could to save nature.
Michael spends his days as the CEO of Noble 33, overseeing its iconic brands, namely Toca Madera, Casa Madera, and Sparrow. Noble 33 is a company focused on providing high-end social dining experiences to clients, making Michael’s job very involved. Despite this pressure, he still feels passionate about his job and even plans to expand Noble 33 further.
Before heading Noble 33, Michael was the president of Tocaya Organica and The Madera Group. He helped Tocaya Organica achieve its goal of providing quality service to its clients while helping the communities the restaurants serve. Through the Tocaya Life Foundation,
Michael became a part of many charitable drives to spread awareness about the preservation of the environment.
The preservation of the environment has always been a big part of Michael’s life, so through his business, he wants to make an impact. He’s one of the fewest businessmen in the world to have successfully traversed the unique intersection of environmentalism and entrepreneurship. Michael is not forced to give up one over the other as he believes both industries are important and can be pursued at the same time.
To say that hard work and perseverance are important in running any kind of business would be an understatement. These were the crucial characteristics Michael exhibited when he was just starting his company and during his success today. People can check out Michael’s website, LinkedIn, and Instagram account to connect with him and get to know more about his story.


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