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By BigHospitality
15-Nov-2021 – Last updated on 15-Nov-2021 at 17:18 GMT
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Born during the pandemic, TIP has been created to help the hospitality sector – one of the hardest hit by both Coronavirus and Brexit – get back on its feet and thrive again.
For a monthly or annual membership fee hospitality employees, as well as those who found themselves unemployed within our industry as a result of the pandemic, can get access to exclusive hospitality industry discounts in all hospitality venues available on the platform. Founded by an industry-experienced team – with more than 15 years of hospitality experience each – TIP is set to become the must-have app for all those working in the industry.
“TIP gives me the opportunity to share my passion with my fellow colleagues and also gives me the chance to experience new culinary hotspots in London with really great discounts,” says Dario Mazzoli, F&B director.
TIP is more than simply a booking tool, however. It supports and promotes hospitality venues, connects employees within the industry, and ultimately drives revenue when businesses need it the most.
At a time when working from home has made people’s dining habits much less predictable for restaurateurs TIP can help by increasing covers and driving additional revenue in low-demand periods through its intelligent system. Venues can attract hospitality professionals at slower day parts with discounts of up to 50% off the total bill or perks such as welcome drinks, a starter or a dessert for free with a main meal, meaning a win-win for both businesses and those who work in the sector.

TIP also addresses the current trend within the hospitality industry of a lack of staff caused by people leaving the industry because of Brexit or not returning from furlough, with many hotels unable to run at 100% occupancy and restaurants not running at full capacity. With staff retention and recruitment such important areas, TIP can help by allowing venues to promote all their current vacancies and serves as a career platform.
In addition, many hospitality venues have also selected TIP as a benefit for their employees to offer unique discounts to reward staff, motivate them and ultimately keep them in the business.
“When dealing with employment issues businesses must make sure that they look after their staff and retain them. This is even more important now as many employees are running double shifts due to the lack of staff,” says Martijn Mulder, TIP Hospitality founder. “So, life/work balance becomes even more important.”
“It is also critical that the industry promotes itself as a great place in which to work, and this is where TIP can also help,” he adds. “What better way than to allow hospitality professionals to go out and enjoy our own industry after work or during their days off and saving directly when going out. TIP members save on average £80 a month.”
“Hospitality venues love to use TIP as a benefit program. It is a great tool to offer to their employees as they will be able to enjoy great discounts, up to 50%, 365 days a year, and each time they are going out.”
As a TIP member, people can use the app as a social platform to connect and engage with friends and expand their network within the industry. Additionally, the app allows people to gain access to career opportunities and directly apply for roles or even share a role with a colleague or friend. TIP has even created a partnership with the online learning platform Hotel.School, offering scholarships, discounts, and free certified online courses.
“At TIP we are passionate about creating the culture of talent development of our TIP members. Hospitality professionals are now more than ever looking into upskilling,” says Mulder. “I am very excited that with the unique partnership with, we give our TIP members access to free and discounted certified courses.
“As the speed of digital transformation continues, we chose to partner with a new disruptor in virtual education for hospitality professionals to make education more accessible for our TIP members.”
The company has also joined forces with the travel-tech pioneer Bidroom to offer extra discounts and perks to its members, who can receive up to 30% discounts on hotel bookings, hotel perks such as late checkout and free room upgrades, as well as deals on car rentals, travel insurance, attraction tickets, and more. A TIP annual membership includes yearly access to Bidroom Travel Lovers Club, which is worth £49 per year.
“We aim to reward all hospitality professionals with great deals, and we are thrilled to partner with Bidroom Travel Lovers Club that will give the opportunity to TIP members to unlock amazing hotel discounts, freebies and provide additional benefit to our TIP community,” says Mulder.
TIP Hospitality – Hospitality Professionals Benefits and Discount app. from Martijn Mulder on Vimeo.
There’s more to TIP than helping hospitality businesses and their current employees – TIP plays a wider role in supporting the hospitality sector as a whole. The company works closely with charity Hospitality Action, which offers vital assistance to all those who work or who have worked within the hospitality sector in the UK, and who find themselves in crisis.
With every new member and every new venue subscription TIP donates a percentage to Hospitality Action, to help industry professionals get back on their feet.
“During the pandemic, we’ve seen thousands of hospitality people lose their jobs and suffer unimaginable hardships,” says Mark Lewis, CEO at Hospitality Action. “We are steadfastly committed to continuing to support the industry throughout 2021 and beyond and are delighted to be TIP Hospitality’s nominated charity.”
So, if you want a system that supports not just your business and your employees but the hospitality industry as a whole, look no further than TIP.
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