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at 1:30 pm on November 8, 2021 | 12 comments
Back in August I warned that the Morrison Government’s new Agricultural Visa would usher an “immigration scab grab”, with other sectors of the Australian economy likely to step up and demand similar access to industry-specific visas under the guise of ‘skills shortages’:
You could easily imagine a situation where the Morrison Government introduces a new ‘Serving Australia’ hospitality visa, a new ‘Building Australia’ construction and engineering visa, a new ‘Caring Australia’ health and aged care visa, or any other industry manifestation.
After all, the parliamentary migration committee this month recommended a pathway to permanent residency for all ­migrant workers who come to Australia on temporary skill visas.
So brace yourself for a flood of industry migration deals. The great immigration scab grab has begun.
Since then we have witnessed Infrastructure Partnerships Australia CEO Adrian Dwyer call on the federal government to introduce a dedicated visa for the infrastructure sector.
Now the wage thieving hospitality industry has demanded its own special visas:
Paddy O’Sullivan, who is the chief executive of the Australian Hotels Association… has joined Restaurant and Catering CEO Wes Lambert in calling on the federal government to fast track at least 100,000 special hospitality visas…
“This is the worst workforce crisis for hospitality in the history of Australia” [Wes Lambert said]…
“This is the worst we’ve seen because it’s coming on the back of a health crisis which has turned into a business and economic crisis,” said Paddy O’Sullivan…
The fact remains that the hospitality industry is ground zero  for migrant wage theft and has the lowest pay rates in the nation by a wide margin, according to the ABS:
The Accommodation & Food Services industry pays the lowest wages in Australia.
Therefore, giving the industry special access to foreign workers will only worsen the systemic exploitation already prevalent across hospitality, keeping wages low and denying local workers employment opportunities and a living wage.
Any industry that relies on cheap exploitable migrant labour to thrive is not a sustainable industry. It needs fundamental structural reform.
Politicians must stop pandering to vested interests like Australian Hotels Association and Restaurant and Catering Australia. Otherwise Australian wage growth will never recover.
The federal government will ramp up the national
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Several articles appeared over the weekend
But, but, skilled.
What does that word even mean anymore.
I mean, sure, picking crops and dining tables require certain skills bit they can be obtained in a week or so of hands on training.
It’s not like, say, practicing law or being a trade qualified electrician which takes years to gain the skills which are then only applicable to a local market.
Skilled means ‘will work for current median wage for that job that hasn’t changed in 15 years or less’
My dictionary says it means “(of work) requiring special abilities or training.”
So pretty much every job that exists is skilled by that definition. I had always thought it meant something akin to a role which applied to employees which had knowledge above that expected of a general labourer to learn in a relatively short timeframe.
What’s then the economic definition of labourer v skilled worker?
If picking fruit and waiting tables are considered above general labour then the word has little meaning, with all due respect to those workers who perform those important roles.
Means “doesn’t need an employer sponsor so can be imported in bulk”?
In LibLab speak, the word “skilled” means the same as the word “migrant”. By definition, Australian workers are not “skilled”, and they cannot possibly boost employment or create new businesses. Only migrants can do that.
Scummo is playing with fire….
He will loosen things up on the sly (like the dishonest fvkr he is) but can’t go too hard before the election next ??May??
The Ponzi works best in slience and accompanied by lots of bait and switch… Too public is not good.
Besides, the return of international students will basically fix most of the hospo problem anyway…
Immigration flights slated to recommence before Christmas so within 7weeks. Reality is they are probably already arriving. Who’s going to report on that ….Domain Fairfax? Lol
Going from Scummo’s past form it is likely that the current status is anyone who buys a ticket from QANTAS is allowed in.
‘Shortage’ means ‘ Won’t accept garbage pay and conditions we offered/want’.
There are almost no genuine shortages – raise wages and the workers will appear.
FK all those proposing this straight to hell.
So that covers all of corporate Australia then?
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