Here is the Quickly Growing List of LA Bars Not Allowing Unvaccinated People on Premises ~ LA TACO – L.A. TACO

Next time you go to the bar, make sure to bring your ID and your vaccine card (if you have one). L.A. TACO has learned that more than 40 bars — including The Short Stop, Footsie’s, Blind Barber, Bar Henry, The Lash, Melody Lounge and Gold Diggers Bar — have updated their COVID-19 policies within the past several days, and more are likely to follow.
At the establishments listed above, patrons must show either proof of vaccination or a negative test result within 72 hours of arrival. At the Echo Plex, host of the popular Dub Club night, on top of everyone being required to wear a mask (per L.A. County guidelines), they will temporarily stop accepting cash, and only small plastic, vinyl, or see-through handbags will be permitted (to reduce staff contact with belongings).
These changes come in response to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. Between the 4th of July and last Saturday, when the new county order for everyone to mask while indoors went into effect, the daily number of coronavirus cases quadrupled. 
“It’s been a shitty 15 months for everyone, especially businesses in hospitality and live venues.” Bar Henry in Echo Park said in a statement posted on Instagram last Sunday. “Let’s do what we can together to avoid taking steps backwards.” 

(Map by Justin Walsh)
According to the health department, the substantial increase in coronavirus cases is being propelled almost exclusively by unvaccinated people. Unvaccinated people accounted for more than 99 percent of all COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in L.A. County as of July 12.
Health officials say that vaccines are safe and the most effective way to decrease your chances of contracting coronavirus, but still, roughly 4 million L.A. residents have yet to roll up their sleeves. Reasons for vaccine hesitancy range from issues with access and eligibility to straight-up COVID-19 conspiracy theories that spook people into thinking the vaccines will cause more problems for them rather than likely to prevent them from experiencing serious illness.
The county has given away tickets to Lakers and Clippers games but has still struggled to encourage some hesitant residents to get vaccinated. Requiring customers to show proof of vaccination in order to have a beer at their favorite bar, or attend a music festival, could finally push some folks who are on the fence to get a shot.
Last Sunday, while hundreds of lowriders cruised up and down Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park in the heat, Ian Carr and a group of his friends tried to grab a few cold ones at Bar Henry. “They wouldn’t let us sit inside because one of the four of us didn’t have their [vaccine card],” Carr told us that although his friend was vaccinated, they didn’t have proof.
For the last six months, Carr has been helping hundreds of primarily people of color, housing-insecure residents, and immigrants get vaxed as an organizer for POWER. “At least with the folks we are focusing on, it’s nearly all about access,” he told us. Some people can’t take time off of work. Others have problems getting to a vaccine clinic or potentially standing in lines for long periods of time. “Almost everyone who is just not so sure has been really willing to hear us out, and I would say the majority of hesitant people we were able to convince, and that’s because the access was right there,” Carr said. Recently his team has started coordinating mobile vaccinations.
Enjoy your happy hours now because if COVID-19 cases continue to increase, the possibility of another shutdown becomes more likely. During a press conference last Thursday, County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis, signaled that stricter restrictions could be implemented if our numbers don’t improve. “All options are on the table,” Davis said. On the same day, the health department reinstated a mask mandate, requiring everyone to wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. “Given that we’re at this level of substantial transmission, the next level is high transmission. And that’s not a place where we want to be,“ Davis said. According to officials, masks provide an extra layer of protection for fully vaccinated folks and encourage non-vaccinated people to mask up.
On social media, most users applauded bars for deciding to revise their COVID-19 policies, but others expressed frustrations. “Make sure to install TVs in every corner of the bar to ensure your new patrons stay brainwashed.” One user on Instagram commented after Footsie’s announced that they would require a negative COVID-19 test or vaccine card to enter their premises. “Congratulations on imposing the will of big pharma and our oh-so trustworthy government,” another user said.
Not every bar is revising their policy, though, at least not yet. Jimmy Han, owner of Rosemallows Bar in Long Beach and Frank ’n Hanks in Koreatown, told L.A. TACO he’s not ready to start requiring his customers to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. “It doesn’t feel like we’ve gotten to that point,” he said during an interview with L.A. TACO.

For now, Han says, “We still keep masks on and adhere to safe social distancing guidelines and wash our hands and don’t touch our faces.” [Full disclosure: Han owns the popular smash burger pop-up Love Hour, a partner of L.A. TACO’s membership program].
Han describes the food and beverage industry as “tough” but admitted that the last year tested both his wallet as well as his mental and physical health. Another shutdown or more restrictions could make him reconsider the future of his businesses altogether. “Another shutdown would be devastating and could be the last nail in the coffin for me.” But for now, he’s focusing on things getting better. “Preparing for the unknown can be stressful and counter-productive, so I try to focus on the future and the path back to normal business.”
Here is an updated list of all the businesses requiring proof of vaccine.

bravo!!!! super proud that my local bar Footsie’s is on the list!!
I hope every single one of these businesses fails and/or goes BK
Hell yeah! Wish more businesses would do this. The unvaxxed should be way more shunned
What about DTLA?
The Lash has stated that they also will not be allowing Unvaccinated people or people who haven’t got proof of being tested negative within 72 hours.
Check out the first paragraph of the story.
Gold Line In Highland Park required proof of vaccination for inside seating
No it doesn’t. That’s ridiculous.
Aren’t 3 of these bars owned by the same person?
Makes no sense. If you’re vaccinated, what does it matter if non-vaccinated people are around? Aren’t you protected from Covid-19?
I know a few bartenders at one of the bars listed and while they are vaccinated they got COVID. Nothing major though, one with low grade fever and the other with only loss of taste/smell. So yeah, they’re protected from getting really sick/dying, but having un-vax’d people shout drink orders in your face increases the chances of getting it a lot.
No vaccine is ever 100% effective.
As a reminder, FULLY VACCINATED people are still included in the current increased cases of COVID, with some having the DELTA variant. Fully vaccinated people can still get and also spread COVID. Something for thought: How are you protected from fully vaccinated COVID positive people? COVID positive is still COVID positive vaccinated or not, no one is saying “I’ve been fully vaccinated, but its ok if I still become COVID positive now or in the future.”
“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” This pandemic in this country would be done if everyone who was eligible to be vaccinated got vaccinated. Also it’s clear from the positivity rates here versus Arkansas that vaccinated people spread it much less. Time to turn the eligible non vaccinated away, and let people get on with their lives while balancing and protecting immunocompromised and ineligible.
I hope every single one of these places goes out of business. I will never spend a dime at any place that discriminates in this manner.
LOL keep dreaming, science-denier. These places are protecting their staff and customers who are educated enough to not put others at risk. They don’t need your money.
Good for you. Please stay home !!
Are you OK if another vaccinated person gives an employee Covid?
when is the last time you were at any of them? Likely never.
And you are stupid !!!!
Way to accept your freedoms being taken away for a “disease” that has a 99.9% recovery rate.
Love how people say “trust the science” and their “science” is fed to them through mainstream media. Do your own research.
Unvaccinated are not a protected class, it is not discrimination. 😂😂
Apparently not or else Covid incidents would not have quadrupled over the past few weeks while vaccinations are up 70% like what was the point of all that?!
Don’t worry. We have our fake vax cards ready
Ahhhhh an unvaccinated person who will fake paperwork to knowingly put others at risk – classic “my rights are most important but I also have no responsibility to anyone else”. You’ll be screaming loudest when we have to get state-issued cards because chodes like you lie to get what you want and then create shitty consequences for everyone.
I assure you that you won’t be missed, Karen / Chris.
Cha cha lounge now too
I, first heard, the story via 89.3 KPCC-fm this week. I am glad that Lexis did this reporting. It is about time, businessess, especially the “Night Scene” are taking action on who is allowed to enter their premises in regards to vaccination status. Many people who drink alcohol do not take precautions when it comes to safety and health. They spread viruses and bacterial infections. I am glad that these businesses are requesting ‘proof of vaccination’.
It is about time these businesses are enforcing compliance. This health pandemic is NO joke! People have to take responsibility and be morally responsible for their actions and behavior. I can’t stress this enough.
I am glad that Lexis reported this. I hope people will read and pay attention. People who refuse to comply are most likely to spread the virus and or other contagious diseases, in my opinion.
Glad I can always count on the roost to take my money!
Redline in dtla is requiring proof of Vax as well.
Trump does love the poorly educated.
I think you’re missing the point. It’s not just about the vaccinated patrons…it’s about the unvaccinated patrons that will unwittingly spread it amongst themselves if they’re in an enclosed space like a bar, dragging out the pandemic even longer.
Also, vaccinated people aren’t 100% protected. The vaccines have 88% efficacy against the delta variant, and 96% efficacy against serious hospitalization from the delta variant. So for every 100 vaccinated bar patrons that stand close enough to a delta-positive unvaccinated unvaccinated to catch it, 12 of them will catch it, and 4 of those 12 will get so sick they’ll wind up in the hospital.
Don’t worry, they won’t be going out of business. Sane vaccinated people have been clamoring to go out and socialize in places where we don’t have to worry about the unvaccinated. And the fact that these bars are doing the right thing and creating a safe environment is makes we want to reward them with business and big tips.
Well, I’m sure no one’s going to figure it out and stop you. I also imagine that the vast majority of people will simply choose to get vaccinated rather than go to the trouble of doctoring up a fake vaccination card. I’m sure I could still torrent/stream all the TV shows and movies I watch like I used to years and years ago, but I find it’s not worth the trouble. I suspect there are more people like me than you.
This is unconstitutional. It’s illegal in this country to ask for health status – it’s discrimination. Do you ask if someone has HIV or TB or whatever when they walk into a bar? How in the world would anyone think this is okay? You guys, we have to stop this insanity.
Wrong. It is perfectly legal to ask for somebody’s health status. HIPAA only applies to prospective employers and only to information that is possessed by health insurance entities and similar providers:
You’re truly grasping at straws. I’d explain it to you but you clearly don’t have the mental capacity to comprehend.
Come on South Bay bars and breweries, start representin’ …..
Vaccinated people can still contract COVID, although it’s rare and they don’t get very sick. My vaccinated friend just came back from Vegas, thought he caught a cold but tested positive for COVID. Unvaccinated people are driving this problem.
Thank you to all these establishments – SO glad places are finally starting to ask for vaccine status!
“Do you ask if someone has HIV or TB or whatever when they walk into a bar?”
TB has killed around 750 Americans in the same 18 months that covid has killed 650,000 Americans. HIV can’t be contracted by merely standing near someone that is positive. Rethink your terrible analogy.
Good to see people supporting fascism so openly! I’d be afraid that ANTIFA would target me and make me lose my job or my home.
Members of my household are not eligible to be vaccinated yet, because they are under 12. I want to keep them safe, but the ease of producing a fake vaccination card means that this still doesn’t feel safe to me yet.
Same! This is such a sad time for America. Freedom is not ringing here anymore. Fear has become everyone’s God. Hitler would approve. This was the playbook he used to control the masses – fear of death – which brought mass death. Nobody saw it coming. They elected him after all.
Link to Hitler pushing a vaccine to stop the spread of a deadly disease? If I recall correctly, he was not looking out for everyone’s safety but kind of the opposite.
It’s more transmissible on the unvaccinated!
Vaccines aren’t 100% and the Delta variant can break through vaccines, either with symptomatic or asymptomatic transmission.
Exactly. They are pushing Big pharma and our Govt dictatorship.
Sounds like medical discrimination. This dumb bc if your vaxed your protected or supposed to be at least but both vaxed and nonvaxed can spread it. Only N95 masks block this virus, the mask mandate is a false security. It’s sad that these businesses don’t want people there bc of their vax status. I know they think they are doing something good but the science says otherwise. Discrimination comes in all forms.
Grand Star Jazz Club has had this protocol in place for over a month now.
WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY! You can still get and transmit covid while vaccinated. It’s a personal choice and those who can not get vaccinated or decide not to for personal reasons should not be refused service. Hellooooo…discrimination.
I’m guessing you and others on this list have never heard of “No shoes, no shirt, no service”? Private businesses can absolutely require certain standards of their patrons to ensure the health and well-being of their staff and other customers. For those who are crying “discrimination,” it might help to learn the legal definition of the term. Here’s a hint: all categories for which it applies are not “personal choices.” Smh.
These establishments can do it, but like in France will pay dearly by losing customers and going out of business. There is already a growing boycott of these establishments by the unvaccinated and vaccinated, and others will be added. Companies better think twice… This is the USA, not Europe in WW2 Good luck.
Love this. I wish some of the establishments in my area would follow suit.
good riddance..
Vaccination status isn’t the same as health status, its more akin to safety equipment, and you can require helmets.
Redline DTLA is also requiring proof of vaccination now if you want to add that to the list.
Grand Starr Jazz Club in Chinatown is as well 🙂
F**k that big pharma apartheid
Fine. Would you like us to send flowers to the service, or make a charitable contribution in your name?
Moroccan lounge as of today
Thank you!
Not true…. Vaccinated people have become vectors with a higher viral load according to some doctors. They are also half of the “cases” and hospitalizations….
Biden does love the indoctrinated….. Colleges used to teach people how to learn and think for themselves. For the last few decades colleges teach people what they should learn and what they should think….
The inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology says we shouldn’t be subjecting the American public to a mass experiment. He is quickly being written out of his own history 1984 “ministry of truth” style…..
Only 1/3 of all vaccines ever make it to approval and they take 8-12 years. There is absolutely no way to rush clinical trials. Some devastating side effects don’t show up for years….
The research on mRNA’s has been going on for over 2 decades.
I appreciate your compiling this list. Now if only they’d do this with STD test as well, caught a nasty bit of clap from the bartender at the Lash that would have been nice to avoid
Did you not go to high school or college? They sure as hell required you to be vaccinated!
Don’t go to bars although if I did these are the ones I would go to. Please start a list of restaurants that I can patronize.
This is the concept the majority of LA does not comprehend. Standing ovation for stating what the press would like to bury in fear.
I’m sure I speak to all of them when I say, thanks for staying away.
I guess you can choose take-out.
ILLEGAL.It violates the 14th amendment. Furthermore according to ADA you cannot discriminate against those that have a medical exemption. So good luck denying entry to an unvaccinated individual who has proof of exemption without providing reasonable accommodations. The fact that so many people are okay with ” Jim Crow” south style laws , denying one group their constitutional right or ” separate but equal”and Nazi Germany ( with blaming the Jews for the reason the country wasnt doing financially well and having to show papers etc having a scapegoat for hate and blame) in 2021 proves white privilege is alive and well. Did you learn anything from George Floyds death ?Apparently not. Did you learn anything from the civil rights movement? Apparently not.Cant wait till you get sued an rightfully so.
You have no integrity. Sad
No you can still get delta variant have a mild case and still give virus to others. So mask up to protect you and your friends.
Yes to Risky Business for enforcing this. Fantastic bar
Hi,Not “Chris”! You must not understand the purpose of a vaccine. You do understand PANIC though…..very,very well. R.R.rover.
So true Jay🙌🏼
I thank these establishments and their owners/managers for creating safe(r) spaces for gathering! I know where I’ll be drinking over next few weekend!
FYI, Jay – Bar Bandini, recently, as well.
Los Globos isn’t requiring anyone to prove any sort of vaccination. That place can barely check IDs let alone a vax card. Lies.
Love all the smooth brains here railing against private businesses making choices to limit exposure to high viral loads by staff and patrons. I’m sure some of the same drooling morons that would support businesses discriminating against gay or trans patrons (like the infamous gay wedding cake stories) because of “individual choice” and “freedom from the government meddling in your affairs.” These businesses have made voluntary choices here so save your complaints until after the mandate so you can make some totally off base reference to tyranny. The government should not force you to get a vaccine you don’t want, but if you want to participate in society with the rest of us then tough shit. You can stay home and get your groceries delivered. If your kids need proof of vaccine to go to public school then why can’t you get one to be in other public places? But no keep whining and dragging out this pandemic. Maybe you can get a table at Tinhorn Flats if it ever reopens.
When you drop dead of blood clots in the next year or two can I have your house…actually you are probably too stupid to have a house… Can I have your ebike???
Good a list of places to avoid! I’ll take my business elsewhere. Even with being vaccinated I will not be going near any places like this that discriminate against peoples freedoms.
Mostly hipster D-bag bars. Funny how the hipsters like to think of themselves as so alternative and non mainstream but they followed along like sheep without an independent thought and participated in a massive science experiment to get vaccinated for a disease that is less deadly to their age group than the normal annual flu.
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