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LONDON (PRWEB) November 18, 2021
Founder of Content Kweens, Ben Lifton launches 6 new mini courses. These are simple step-by-step beauty & hair salon marketing courses covering everything from video editing to hair photography, and Instagram to editing video transitions. Allowing beauty-preneurs to pick 'n mix the courses they need to get to their next level. These simple, clear cut online courses are designed to help hair & beauty professionals with nailing every area of their business when it comes to visuals. Content Kweens Mini Courses launch November 2021 on
Content Kweens have created these innovative 6 mini courses to do 4 things for students…

Founder and Director of Content Kweens Ben Lifton is best known in the hair and beauty industry for inspiring and empowering business owners to create engaging digital content which converts social followings into loyal paying clients. Alongside being a fully qualified hairdresser and former Marketing Manager at Jamie Oliver Limited, Ben’s background is in branding, design and marketing. Content Kweens launched earlier this year, and was founded by him following the years he had spent working with over 2,000+ hair and beauty professionals worldwide, equipping clients with the tools, tips and tricks to grow their brands by applying design, content creation and social media marketing initiatives.
Ben Lifton, Founder of Content Kweens, said:
“I’m so excited to bring these mini courses to the market. They were designed with my Instagram community who I asked tens of questions about what they actually need help with, and how they’d like to consume the education. I am so confident in every single mini course, because they will equip any beauty-preneur with the tools, skills and confidence to smash it in the content game.
Beauty and hair salon marketing can feel completely overwhelming, especially when you’re competing for attention with so many other beauty professionals. Nobody taught beauty-preneurs any of this stuff, and somehow they’re just ‘supposed’ to know how to be a social media and content marketing master.
That’s why I designed these mini courses. So if someone feels like they’re a whiz at photos but need serious help on their video game, they can pick and mix the help them need to get to THEIR next level, whatever that is.
All students will receive lifetime and immediate access to the course content, and can access courses on their phone or laptop. I’ve designed the courses so they can all edit the footage alongside me! Simply by downloading my stock videos from the platform so they can create the same videos/transitions/designs that I’m creating! Learning how to make your brand look fleeky has literally never been so simple with all of these mini online courses – I can’t wait to see students shine after applying everything I teach them!”
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