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GLOSSLAB is coming to NJ, and Hoboken will be home to its very first location. The membership-based nail studio will open at 200 Washington Street, one of Federal Realty’s properties. Founded by Rachel Apfel, GLOSSLAB has become a hotspot for many people on the go and in need of a quick manicure. Even celebrities have taken a liking to the nail salon that uses a waterless concept. Read on to learn more about GLOSSLAB coming soon to Hoboken.
glosslab manicure nail studio hoboken
(Photo credit: @glosslab)
GLOSSLAB will join the chain of apartments, office, and street retail, known as the Hoboken Portfolio, on Washington Street.
GLOSSLAB founder Rachel Apfel told Hoboken Girl, “We have always been excited to bring GLOSSLAB to New Jersey and the vibrant Hoboken community there — it was a natural location for us to explore.”
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She added, “We look forward to having Hoboken residents join in on our efficient, clean, and quick manicure and pedicures and help them run the day.”
As far as what the inside will look like, Rachel shared, “We will of course incorporate our iconic polish wall (see below) and all of the usual Instagram-worthy moments. Stay tuned!”
glosslab color polish wall nail salon
(Photo credit: @glosslab)
GLOSSLAB’s first-ever location opened in NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood in 2018. The other locations can be found in Tribeca and West Village. In addition to Hoboken, GLOSSLAB will be expanding to other locations on the East Coast, including more studios in NYC as well as its first-ever locations in Connecticut, Miami, and Washington, DC.
Although there are many nail salons in Hoboken already (click here for Hoboken Girl’s guide), Rachel shared what makes GLOSSLAB different from the others. For one, all the services are waterless so there’s no washing hands in between a manicure and dipping feet in water during a pedicure. Why? “Water is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs so we ditched it. Not only is it more hygienic, but we also save gallons every year,” the website reads.
rachel apfel founder glosslab
^  Founder Rachel Apfel
(Photo credit: @glosslab)
Rachel explained that GLOSSLAB is a “future-forward studio” that has “hospital-grade sterilization” and “features technology-enhanced services such as online booking, cashless payment, contactless check-in and check-out, and performance-based products at the forefront of beauty and nail trends.” The polishes are best-in-class, long-lasting, vegan, and non-toxic.
The Tribeca resident and mom of two created GLOSSLAB with a team of experts after 10 years of working in hedge fund fundraising. “I founded GLOSSLAB on three key pillars including hygiene, efficiency, and membership as well as focusing on the client experience,” Rachel told Hoboken Girl.
pastel french manicure glosslab hoboken
(Photo credit: @glosslab)
“I always felt like manicures were errands, a very joyless and inefficient experience. I talked about recreating the nail space for years. After having my second daughter and ultimately leaving the world of finance, I decided to make it happen,” Rachel said in an interview with Entrepreneur. “I started GLOSSLAB to create a true brand in the manicured space, to provide others with the opportunity to get a quick, seamless manicure.”
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GLOSSLAB has had quite the slew of celebrity sightings, especially being part of NYC’s bustling neighborhoods. Some celebs who have visited include Jennifer Garner, Minka Kelly, Neil Patrick Harris, The Bachelor’s Matt James, and The Chainsmokers.
jennifer garner glosslab tribeca
^  Actress Jennifer Garner “#GOTGLOSSED” at GLOSSLAB’S Tribeca location in mid-August
(Photo credit: @glosslab)
GLOSSLAB Hoboken is coming in 2022. The nail salon will be membership-based like its other studios, meaning that for $135 a month, members can get unlimited manicures (including gel, performance, and long-lasting polish), unlimited pedicures, unlimited gel removals, unlimited polish changes, and unlimited touch-ups. Additional services such as nail design, massage, and callus removal will be à la carte.
For more information, visit GLOSSLAB’s website, found here, and be sure to follow the studio on Instagram, found here, for additional updates.
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