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Matt and Hallie Kane, owners of  Vogue Beauty College & Salon and Downtown Barber School.
The doors of Hollywood Beauty College opened in 1959. Now, over 50 years later it stands in the same spot in Idaho Falls Historic Downtown, but the establishment is known by a different name—Vogue Beauty College & Salon. Even back in the day, the college was known for teaching students the art of hair at an affordable price—a philosophy they have continued to maintain while also demonstrating high-quality services. 
What might someone who walked into the salon 50 years ago be surprised to find at Vogue now? 
Once they get past the shock of the technology used for day-to-day tasks, this time traveler might be overwhelmed by the recent growth the school has experienced, adding esthetics to their training in 2017 and going so far as to open the Downtown Barber School next door in mid-2021, expanding its hair services and training.
“It’s just a completely different vibe,” said Hallie Kane, owner of Vogue Beauty College & Salon. “You walk in and it’s like a whole new world. The cosmetology side is warm, inviting and gives the vibe that you could hang out with your girlfriends. When you step into the barber school, you just feel like you’re in a barber shop. It feels super masculine and fun.”
Opening the Downtown Barber School has allowed Kane to expand upon her mother, Vicki Ellis’, original mission of providing an affordable education to people throughout all of East Idaho. 
“The education is affordable and will be paid off when they graduate, so they can start making money right away,” said Kane. “They don’t have student loans that they have to pay out for X amount of years. They just start making money right away. We’re an education-focused school. It’s important for us to actually teach them what they need to learn. That’s the beauty of being a private school.”
Because students are still in the process of learning, services at the beauty and barber colleges are discounted. The practice not only allows students to grow by dealing with real clients, but also an exceptional service to the community. The school accepts walk-ins, so make sure to stop-in the next time you’re strolling through downtown. 

Vogue Beauty College & Salon
247 Cliff St • 208-523-2520
Downtown Barber School
275 Cliff St • 208-523-2520
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