Fresh fades and good grades: TPS barber academy launches at Scott High School – WTOL

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TOLEDO, Ohio — If you’re in need of a quick buzz cut, students at Scott High School may be able to help you out. A new program at Scott High School is helping students who may not be taking the traditional college route after high school
The school is now officially offering a track for those who may want to be barbers after high school.
“This brand new program gives students the opportunity to acquire their hours while still being high school,” said Michael Johnson II, Toledo Public Schools Barber Instructor.
This semester there are 12 students in the program and school officials are excited for the participation.
“It’s just been an amazing school year and we have a lot of great things going on,” Scott High School Principal Dr. Carnel Smith said. 
Students who are in the program will be able to earn 1800 credit hours starting their junior year.
The credits will allow them to take their state board tests and get their license, which will set them up to get a job right out of high school.
Instructors in this program say it gives students the chance to see if barbering is for them and if it is it then sets them up for success upon graduation.
“If they don’t take the college route, being able to go straight into a career … that they can feel confident about when they’re going to the workforce, it gives students another option,” Johnson said. 
The program is open to any student in the Toledo Public School district.
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