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Editor: U.S. Senator Mark Kelly (D), a retired Navy Captain and former member of a NASA Space team, claims to put Arizonans first—but Mark was recently caught accepting money from a “registered lobbyist” for Huawei Co. that was founded by Ren Zhengfei—once a technologist in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Ren worked his way up in the PLA, resigned, and today he is Huawei’s CEO. In addition to Huawei’s donation, Mark Kelly’s campaign has accepted money from an executive of Tencent Holdings Co. a Red Chinese conglomerate who has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. No, Senator Kelly is not putting Arizona first let alone putting America first!
Fred Barber
Lake Havasu City

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Yes there needs to be the removal of big money in politics. But unfortunately the people that have control over this are the same people who benefit from all the lobbyist. It’s a win win for them and a lose lose for us. The people in government make all the laws and rules. That’s why they have the best retirement, best health care and so many other benefits that the everyday working stiff dosen’t. As long as we the people let them get away with this we will always second class. Now under this current administration you are considered a traitor if you don’t tow the line. They are now going back to the most dangerous thing to our country by pursuing anybody who is white as a white supremacist. All this is is distraction from Bidens disastrous Afghanistan pullout. You on the left better pay close attention to what your party has in store for our country. As of now it isn’t looking good.

Fred… If you wanted to be less partisan, you could talk about all the politicians and where their money is coming from. They need to stop the lobbying and take the money out of politics. Corporation are not people. Of course that wasn’t the narrative
you were seeking to advance, and that is the other problem in America.

Term Limits for Congress and the Supreme Court!

[thumbup][thumbup] HavasuGuy… Especially where the Supreme Court is concerned. Considering it’s a lifetime appointment, and the twisted political process used to put them on the court. It’s flawed, deeply flawed.

One of your first coherent comments in several days. I agree with term limits, but only Congress can impose them on itself, and that ain’t gonna happen.

The idea that the US is a democracy is beyond laughable. America was never a democracy. An oligarchy or plutocracy disguised as a democracy would be more accurate.
Controlled by the corporations and billionaires that donate billions to political candidates and parties, and ‘think tanks’, and PACs every year to shape policy favorable to themselves. They figure there’s always going to be more poor, poorly-educated people for them to manipulate into voting GOP using fear and bigotry (Murdoch’s business model). Especially with them setting policies to hurt public education, voter suppression and control the economy with trickle down economics so the rich get richer faster than ever, while the poor and middle class get poorer… and more desperate.
It’s remarkable how few people seem to acknowledge this.

[thumbup] [thumbup] RobertsonO… Very well said! Citizens United was the final blow. It should never have happened. The Republican Party today is all about manipulation, playing on the misguided perceptions and prejudices of their voting block.

And the Democratic Party is not? Surely you were joking when you typed that comment.

Voted for McSally but am impressed with Kelly so far, he’s doing a good job for Mohave county.

What has he done for us, HG? He seems to be MIA for the most part. He does push his wife’s anti-gun agenda, but not much else that I have seen.

Mark Kelly is AWOL for his Arizona constituents (until it fund raising time of course)! Twice I have written Sen. Kelly’s office without the courtesy of a response.
Sen. Kyresten Sinema is definitely more professional and in tuned with her constituents than Kelly! Additionally, Kelly has zero accomplishments during his tenure and is merely a puppet that votes the way Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer instructs him. Sen. Sinema has demonstrated that she is willing to challenge the party line and vote her moral conscience!
At least Arizona has one decent Senator that’s not willing to sign on to the Democrat Party’s win at any cost strategy of: “Party before country”!

This is how these traitors end up with numerous houses and large bank accounts. It was known about Kelly’s involvement with China before the election but that didn’t stop the demorat voters from voting for him. Same as Biden, he was a career crocked politician for over 40yrs. and he is now the president. But we all know how he got into office.

Joro – Yes we do know how Biden got to be president, thank tRUMP for it…

HG… I absolutely agree with you as to how Biden was elected!
But, you’re thanking the wrong person here. Y’all need to Thank yourself for this mess going on right now.
People frenzied themselves up so extremely that their only focus was to make sure TRUMP wasn’t elected, who cares about what happens to the country, just so long as TRUMP doesn’t get elected! So don’t go blaming TRUMP, Republicans, your next-door neighbor, etc… I really can’t remember what Joe Biden’s platform was, I do remember that his running mate was to be a Woman of color!.
Last I had heard during his campaigning was he was almost broke ready to drop out of the race due to a lack of interest and funds, then shazam, he was the Democratic choice for the American people! The same goes for Kamala. God forbid Bernie Sander on the ballot! He was really, really too close this time around.
Was Joe Biden your first choice to be President?! Probably not!
But, In your heart, you just couldn’t let Trump drag you and your country down anymore.
How’s that working out for all of us so far?

It’s working much better than it would be if tRUMP was still in charge. Much better…

And we all know how Trump got into office. Thank Obama and Hillary for it.

Odd how quick decent people become absorbed by lobbyists, and become a standard money grabbing politician. The fight should not be between citizens, the fight needs to be with career, unethical or power hungry politicians. A wall needs to be built around DC, and they insane can run their own asylum, while the rest of us fix this country!

Another worthless crooked Democrat!
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