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August 2, 2021
9:59 AM
Courtesy of Edward Ramirez
Fort Worth Barber Supply
District Barbershop has carved out a name for itself in offering an out-of-the-ordinary barbershop experience, providing classic cuts alongside local-crafted beers and music.  
Now, co-owners Edward and Amy Ramirez are expanding on this innovation to fill a pandemic-prompted void with their brand-new business, Fort Worth Barber Supply.
Fort Worth Barber Supply will celebrate its grand opening on Tuesday from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. at 1813 W. Bowie St., Ste. 129, by inviting guests to partake in discussions on proper haircare led by industry professionals, while enjoying drinks, tacos from Taqueria Ortiz, and music by DJ Technic.
Around the same time that the couple noticed that the global supply chain shortage was impeding local shops from stocking their supplies, the longtime barbershop supplier in the area announced that she was retiring.
“We kind of waited to see if someone would pick it up and run with it, but nobody did,” Edward Ramirez says. “We figured that we were already getting supplies for our own shop, so we decided to see if we could scale it and get supplies for the other shops too.”
When considering where to launch the new supply shop, Edward and Amy Ramirez wanted to remain in the same general vicinity as the former supplier to continue to cater to the other barbershops; and it didn’t hurt that it happened to be close to their flagship District Barbershop on South Jennings Avenue.
Fort Worth Barber Supply will be a new venture for duo behind District Barbershop. With no explicit retail experience, they’re applying what they’ve learned across their client-centered backgrounds.
“Ultimately, it’s all about the customers,” Edward Ramirez says. “Barber sections can be very small in the grand scheme of beauty supply, so I think [the other barbers] are really going to be able to enjoy coming to a store that is barber-only.”
August 2, 2021
9:59 AM
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