Former Miss Houston, Lesha Wincher, Founder of E L L E É Salon + Spa, Shares Her Journey To Entrepreneurship – Black Enterprise

From a very young age, Lesha Wincher knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Fast forward to present day, Wincher has done just that by opening her own business, E L L E É Salon + Spa, in Houston, Texas this month.
As a former Houston Texans Cheerleader and Miss Houston USA 2018, Wincher has always gravitated towards the beauty industry with a particular interest in the interconnectedness of inner and outer beauty. More specifically, Wincher’s passion lies in how beautifying the inside can consequently makeover the outside appearance.
Her experience in cheerleading, as well as pageants, gave her a unique lens into the beauty industry. Not only did she learn techniques to enhance her natural beauty for the stage, but she also felt firsthand how a beauty routine or treatment could restore her mind after grueling competitions and game-days. This experience, coupled with her passion to help others feel their best, ignited her interest to establish a new era of luxury in the Houston beauty market.
Wincher states, “I first envisioned the idea of a luxury salon & spa when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit Houston. I found it difficult to navigate different cosmetic appointments across town while many were closed or had different COVID policies. My mission was really for E L L E É to be a rejuvenating oasis in the middle of the urban buzz, where both women and men can unwind to experience unlimited luxury for mind, body, and soul.”
With the many challenges and steps it takes to become an entrepreneur, marketing is always a big play.
When asked about her marketing strategy in her beginning planning stages, Lesha stated, “I wanted to market from every angle possible. I had to envision myself as a consumer and evaluate what I see the most while consuming media on a daily basis. Evidently, with today’s large social media presence, we really took an aim on that. However, I also wanted to be sure that individuals who weren’t on social media would be able to hear and learn more about E L L E É salon + spa.”
With Houston being such a big city, Wincher aimed to create that luxury atmosphere that her guests could come in and unwind.
She shared, “E L L E É is going to offer everything in everyone’s price point so they can indulge at their comfort level while still being treated like royalty.”
While the modern design and efficacious brand partners like Biologique Recherche and ORIBE certainly don’t hurt the salon’s stunning curb appeal, the real draw of E L L E É, is the perfect balance of relaxation and luxury that you feel upon arrival. The talented staff will be catering to your every request with their unique, personal approach and vast treatment menu, so you’ll be sure to find your service soulmate and leave with an experience that exceeds your expectations.
E L L E É officially opened to the public September 24th and now resides at 707 Yale St., Suite 200 Houston, TX 77007. For more information and to book your future appointment, visit

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