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Approaching beauty like a private members club, C’Vine Lawrence Founder of CNB Dubai, creates a truly exclusive beauty experience like no other.
I started my career as a Trainee Bank Associate and within a few years, I progressed to Assistant Bank Manager and then Manager. After five years as a Manager, I transitioned into financial planning, then later studied and acquired my Broker and Securities License to become a Financial Advisor, over the next 32 years I worked as a Financial Advisor, and now a Wealth Manager when I am not at CNB.
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Selfcare and “me time” is important to me as a fast-paced professional. In the past, I even booked my family vacations with my rituals in mind. If the hotel does not have a spa, I won’t stay there. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I was speaking with my girlfriend about the type of service we wish we would have, and the need currently in Dubai for the right service. I then spent the next few days researching full-service spas and the lack thereof.
With my passion for beauty rituals, combined with my personal experiences with salons and spas across the globe, I have had solid exposure to luxury beauty care. I want to experience head-to-toe massages, innovative facials, manicure/pedicure and I want it to be easy, indulgent and carefree. The wish to find this one-stop beauty haven and the right type of services here in Dubai has driven me to start CNB House of Beauty.
Three things. Environment – Although the population continues to grow, fortunately, crime rates in Dubai remain at an all-time low, UAE police take great pride in keeping their city free from crime. Climate – I love the sun and Dubai is sunny most of the year so there is the potential to enjoy Dubai’s beautiful beaches with my family. Opportunity- This is an extremely attractive country where expats like me can come from countries where taxation can eat up a significant portion of the income earned.
The UAE is among the most culturally diverse countries in the world. In many respects, this diversity is a strength, but when it comes to the Spa and Salon industry, diversity is a challenge. Finding a salon that offers superior personalized services, including hair, nails, body, and skincare is in short supply.
Daily, friends, associates, and businesswomen asked if I know of any excellent full-service salon that understands the different hair and skin type, I could not name one. For this reason, CNB was born.
The design and interior were based on a story of a woman sitting down at her vanity mirror counter in her bedroom, she draws the sheers to soften the sunlight in the room, turns on her mirror light and starts putting makeup on. In between, she pauses longer than anticipated to admire the play of light and sheers, but then she continues. This is the most comfortable, vulnerable, and creative part of every woman, who with the act of self-care and makeup is sitting down to create her inner diva. The psychological and mental space of this experience serves as the basis of CNB’s design and guides the ultimate customer experience.
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CNB provides a luxurious haven, a place where women can enjoy a serene solo experience or vibrant social interaction. For the modern-day woman, CNB brings calm and indulgence to a high-octane lifestyle.
I wanted to create a place where women could come and focus on their inner beauty as much as their outer beauty. CNB offers the ultimate experience and empowerment, so women leave fully revitalized and recharged to face their everyday life.
The UAE & GCC has a huge market; one that is growing very quickly. The beauty industry differs for several reasons; the young but growing population has the highest spending on beauty per capita in the world and is still growing. Most importantly, the competition in the Middle East is not as high when compared to the rest of the world; it’s just dominated by a small number of big brands.
The most precious resource we have on this planet is time–so dream big and work hard. Starting any company requires enormous effort–blood, sweat and tears – so I spend the rest of my time wisely doing what I love.
I have had many mentors throughout my career but one of my favourites is Maya Angelou, one of her most famous quotes “be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud” is such great advice. So, my goal is to be a rainbow in somebody’s life. I am very fortunate to have had many female mentors. One of them really taught me about people management, how to manage a team, as well as empathy for others. I guess you can say that I can be somewhat aggressive at work, and I tend to switch it on to achieve a maximum business outcome. This particular mentor taught me how to slow down and still make an impact.
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My biggest challenge has definitely been opening CNB’s doors in the midst of a pandemic! I have experienced some intense emotions this past year, fear, stress and anxiety crept in. But what helped me is accepting the fact that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed the right people around me. I learned not to overextend myself. That’s why it’s imperative that I find time to recharge.
We have two main milestones: maintaining a strong membership base and becoming an authority in the beauty industry.
I would define this as a welcome, unconventional manner – embracing a new way
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