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One of the biggest draws of Las Vegas’ Venetian is its canals, which bring a little bit of Venice to Sin City.
Sin, opulence, decadence, luxury, extravagance are just some of the words to describe America’s world-famous Sin City of Las Vegas. Vegas offers the chance to unwind and indulge in the vices that so many people need or crave. Vegas is renowned for its incredible world-class casinos and one of the most extreme is The Venetian.
The Venetian Las Vegas is a luxury casino resort right on Vegas’s vaunted Strip. It rises proudly on the site that once boasted the old Sands Hotel and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Vegas. This giant resort casino has it all, it has everything one needs to enjoy Las Vegas by day and by night.
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A post shared by The Venetian Las Vegas (@venetianvegas)
Predictably the hotel draws on Venice in Italy for inspiration for its design and features numerous replicas of a range of Venetian landmarks. Authentic its a term that anyone who has actually been to Venice in Italy is not likely to use, but still, the result is astounding. There are replicas of the Venitian:
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The Venetian is full of things to see and to. It has its own inhouse shopping mall – the Grand Canal Shoppes. It even boasts a museum, the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum. The casino is complete with world-class entertainers, amenities, the very best of chefs.
A nightclub in Vegas more extravagant than The Venetian’s TAO Nightclub is difficult to find. It is a nightclub that even has a 20 foot tall Buddha statue, two dance rooms, an infinity-edge pool filled with koi carp, massive terraces with commanding views of the Strip, and eight private “sky-boxes” complete with minibars.
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The Venetian bills itself as having brought “the soul of Renaissance Venice to Las Vegas” It has been dubbed the most romantic hotel in Las Vegas. They boast that the San Diego Magazine named them the best Las Vegas hotel. The Venetian is certainly not afraid to boast and flaunt its standards and experiences:
From moment to moment, no other hotel can deliver the same exciting and rewarding experiences of The Venetian. For those who live for excitement amid luxurious surroundings, The Venetian delivers on every promise it makes and is the premier destination for those who love to live richly.”
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The suites at The Venetian are roughly twice the size of average hotel rooms. All of their suites come complete with a sunken living room with a sofa and an all-Italian marble bath. And while they are focused on opulence and luxury, they haven’t forgotten about cost either, they have the best suite rate guarantee. Anyone who finds a better rate within 24 hours of booking would be matched.
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Just as no trip to Venice is complete without a Gondola Ride, no stay at The Venetian is complete without their Gondola Rides. Here one can float beneath bridges, under balconies, and past cafes as one lazily coasts down their massive Grand Canal – not bad for a casino in the middle of the Mojave Desert. The Venetian gondola rides are both indoors and outdoors and are ideal for starry-eyed young couples and families alike (they offer family cruise gondolas).
There are no half measures when it comes to The Venetian, the gondolier pilots even sing to recreate an authentic romantic Venetian experience. Don’t miss the Gondolier March special. This happens twice a day and the team of gondoliers sings in unison as they march and announcing their arrival for their shift of serenading.
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The casino has an excellent award-winning spa offering expert luxury and services. They have a beauty salon for those seeking to upgrade their looks while in Vegas, a top-notch fitness center for those wanting to get into shape, and a rejuvenating wellness and relaxation spa offering hundreds of massage, facial, and body treatments.
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