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Dahvi Shira
Aug 25, 2021
Bleach London made waves in L.A. recently with its 3rd St. launch in the heart of the city. But above all else, it’s Bleach London’s $1000 color service that’s garnered the most headlines.
Because the spot just opened, this fresh hair service is yet to be documented. But the shop’s owner Alex Brownsell breaks down what clients can expect from this next-level experience. Ultimately, she says, “My focus with the $1000 Bleach is to offer an unparalleled and premium color service so you can maintain or change your color as much as you want, without compromising your hair state or strength.”
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“Our service structure is unique,” Brownsell tells Mane Addicts. “I didn’t want the ‘client conveyor belt’ feeling, so we created a four-chair intimate space, hidden behind a two-way mirror. Our stylists will work 1:1 with clients from the initial consultation through to the final styled look. It’s a made-to-measure approach, so stylists dedicate their time to properly work with the client’s hair for the first time and perfect the color without juggling multiple appointments at once.”
“This cost is completely inclusive of the full service, with no hidden costs or add-ons,” Brownsell explains. “The appointment will include an initial consultation to understand the client’s color and the look they want to achieve; a strand test if their hair state needs to be assessed before bleaching; and all in-salon services, including toners, Plex treatments, cuts and a blow-dry. Any recurring appointments with your stylist will then be booked and priced knowing your hair history and the service you need.”
“The service also doesn’t end when you leave our salon,” Brownsell says. “We’re hyper-focused on hair health and color vibrancy, so the service cost also covers products to maintain your look between appointments. We prescribe a tailored routine, including our care, colors, custom toners mixed by the stylist to use at home, or the client can come back for an additional toner top-up in the salon if needed.”
“There’s still a lot of stigma around using bleach, and I want to bust myths about the process,” Brownsell says. “The $1000 bleach is a completely transparent and collaborative experience. We make sure clients leave feeling more confident-looking after their hair, so they have the perfect foundation to continue experimenting with color.”

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