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As a result, premature ageing and inflammation are being treated in salon, spa and clinic more than ever before, calling for a deeper understanding of how to care for our skin from the inside-out as healthy skin is a reflection of inner wellness.
“I spent two years working in one of the world’s leading gut clinics, so I have seen first-hand the effects that nutrition and health have on the skin. Starting at the gut and working outward should be the path taken by beauty therapists to achieve optimal skin health results,” says Warren.
“Skin health means reconnecting a client to their skin through wellness, as well as topical support, and really helping them to see that this organ, if functioning well, can bring positivity and confidence.”
“We feed our skin through our gut, and we protect our skin on the surface. Many factors like skin ageing, sensitivity and inflammation can be helped through topical support of vitamins and microbiome management,” explains Warren.
“Pollution, UV and unnecessary topical agents can fast forward ageing and adversely impact our skin. We can help solve these problems with great skincare.”

Pic: the Esse x Radiance Natural Beauty Cleanse collaboration
“Drink lots of water – treat your body like a river and allow it to get rid of stagnant waste fast. Plus, simplify your routine. The internet inundates us with things we want to buy and use but this can confuse your skin and easily mess up its natural homeostasis,” says Warren.
“By constantly trying new aggressive products clients can disrupt their skin’s cycle. I often find that clients have acids in more than two or three products, use too much vitamin C, and constantly exfoliate and strip the skin.”
She adds: “Start your day with a smoothie, pack it full of chlorella and hydrolysed collagen, berries and spinach. A great vitamin boost to your day will do so much for your health and skin.”
“Our skin has a mass of healthy bacteria that protects and supports it and stops harmful bacteria in our environment from attacking us. Healthy bacteria on the skin helps to balance the skin’s pH and prevent harmful skin growths,” says Warren. 
“Clients who suffer from rosacea, acne or eczema can often see a massive improvement from topical probiotics. Internally, probiotics aid our digestion and immunity, and have also been linked to helping with depression and other illnesses.”
Firstly, mild acne. Usually, we treat acne with a combination of healing therapies like LED and nanocurrent. We combine this with a deep skin cleanse to help reset and clear, and then get the client onto a simple programme to help balance and maintain the skin,” explains Warren. 
“I always recommend Esse Gel Cleanser as a starting product for clients with acne and I often advise them to also have a food intolerance check as well to help support the skin from the inside-out.”
She adds: “Redness and rosacea are other common concerns. Product overuse often aggravates this, so initially I get the client onto a simple routine that helps to rebuild the integrity and homeostasis of the skin. I find that LED and infusion ultrasound with Esse Skincare gels help a lot, as well as skin healing treatments like nanocurrent.
“Anti-ageing is another concern and usually I target this with things like microneedling, radiofrequency and a collagen-supporting home care routine.”
What an awful question – how could I possibly choose? I would have to say Resurrect Serum as it’s the most nutritionally dense and full of probiotics. It has everything I need in one product.”

Tarryn Warren is one of the UK’s leading facialists, a skin health specialist and Esse stockist.  
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