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Los Angeles — Just as Cedric the Entertainer is busy with Sitcom’s “The Neighborhood” and other projects, he answered “yes” as soon as he was asked to host his first major award show. I did.
He then sought advice on how to handle the Emmy Awards ritual on Sunday and aired on CBS (8 pm EDT).
“My best friend Steve Harvey, who hosted a lot of these’big nights’, gave me a great bite,” said the actor comedian. Others on his call list for trade secrets: Billy Crystal, Anthony Anderson and Chris Rock, all veterans hosting the Hollywood washbasin.
“And if you’re calling Tina Fey, I don’t have her number, but I want to talk to her,” Cedric said.
He was already aware of one of the modern pitfalls of hosting: aggressive old jokes like Twitter jokes at the expense of Kevin Hart Oscar’s host gig in 2018.
“Don’t cancel in advance. That’s the biggest thing,” Cedric said with his cheeks firmly on his tongue. Having a career of more than 30 years and being comfortable at the top of the game is a kind of annoying observation.
He starred in the production of “The Neighborhood”. This is CBS’s sitcom, which will enter its fourth season on Monday. He is the producer of the television drama “Johnson,” which deepens ties with men, and has played a role in animation projects such as the “Madagascar” and “Ice Age” films, and the “Proud Family” series.
His on-screen movie credits range from the “hairdresser” franchise to dramas such as “Cadillac Records,” “Son of the South,” and Spike Lee’s documentary “Original Kings of Comedy.” Cedric starred on Broadway in 2008 when David Mamet’s “American Buffalo” revived.
He has a production company that develops comedies, dramas, and superhero stories, and in his back pocket is a long-conceived project. A biography of Marcus Garvey, the leader of black nationalists in the early 20th century. Cedric is looking to play him.
Cedric is also the beloved grandpa of a brand new kindergarten teacher he calls #GrandCookie.
“The Neighborhood” is the focus of his immediate career. He plays a family man in a mostly black neighborhood near Los Angeles. He is having a hard time adapting to Chipper’s white Midwesterner, who has moved next door.
The purpose of the show is to work on “cultural fusion …”. And what happens when people understand how they live together and harmonize without necessarily changing the identities of others, “he said. “That’s what we’re trying to do at the show and we’re having a good time. We teach, not preach.”
Born in Jefferson City, Missouri, Cedric Antonio Kyles has a grounded view of his success. Or as he said: “I’m a very blue-collar worker about it.”
He was a St. Louis State Farm Insurance loss assesser and realized that he could play a comedy club at night to beat the audience. At that time, he decided to “get it done” as a performer.
“I really feel that I’m really fortunate to have such a long career and mostly a gradual and steady career,” Cedric said. “I laugh a lot at my work. I make people laugh. It’s a good time.”
Although he is an expert, the awards show that the audience can be harsh. Those waiting to hear whether they won or lost are nervous, and home viewers may shrug to strangers drawn from the ever-expanding world of streaming and cable shows. not.
The Sunday ceremony also faces ongoing COVID-19 precautionary challenges, driving the theater to attractive tents and limiting the number of stars attending. This is a step up from last year’s event, which was almost entirely virtual and had no viewers.
Cedric said his goal was to avoid stuffiness and take TV viewers “behind the velvet rope.”
Reginald Hudlin and Ian Stewart, executive producers of the ceremony, said they were confident that the event was going well. Hadrin and Cedric were friends, and Stewart was convinced at their first Zoom meeting.
“His smile” shone, he said, “Let’s party. Let’s celebrate,” Stewart recalls. “And what we all experienced was the breath of this fresh air through an era of fate and darkness.”
Cedric’s versatility will be unveiled, Hadrin said, adding, “He’s literally the king of comedy and you’ll see why he’s wearing a crown.”
One of the factors that Cedric is out of control is his fellow Anderson. Anderson is a “blackish” star who is competing again without winning the bids of the last six best comedy actors.
“Now you’re the host, take care of it for me,” Anderson jokingly refused to accept the refusal and told him.
“So he’s going to win something,” Cedric said with a smile. “I don’t know what that will be, but there is something.”
Cedric the Entertainer, host of the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, speaks to the media on the press preview day of the show on Wednesday, September 15th at the Los Angeles Television Academy.
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Emmy host Cedric the Entertainer says stuffiness is banned
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