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Yelena and David, the owners of Phenix Salon Suites in Edgewater
There have been a number of new businesses coming into the Edgewater Marketplace just northeast of Target. One of the newest is Phenix Salon Suites which is located in the space once occupied by Rainbow Shops at 1931 Sheridan Boulevard.
Here’s our conversation with the owners of Phenix Salon Suites in Edgewater, Yelena and David.
How did you get involved in this business?
We were looking for a business to generator some additional income. Our hairstylist works at a competitor, but that is where we got the original idea. Then we did research on salon suites franchises and selected Phenix Salon Suites.
What drew you to move to Edgewater?
It’s a great area and is adjacent to Sloan’s Lake. There are a lot of people that live in the surrounding neighborhoods and the Edgewater Marketplace has a lot of other great businesses to bring people to our location.
What products/services do you offer?
Each of the 45 suites is independently operated by a different Lifestyle Professional. Those individuals provide services such as hairstyling, nails, lashes, cosmetology, skin, and massage.
What makes your business unique?
The concept allows for individuals to start their own business, set their own hours, and offer services to a wide range of clients. Phenix Salon Suites provides a lockable, furnished suite that can be decorated to the Lifestyle Professional’s preference. The suite is a safe environment for both the clients and Lifestyle Professional.
You can learn more about Phenix Salon Suites here.
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