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This year ECRM hosted their skin care, bath, cosmetics, and natural beauty program online. We explored new trends with the brands that are revolutionizing the industry with their innovative products in natural and organic skin care and cosmetics.  We covered a variety of brands and trends in part one of this series, and here’s more of what we spotted at the virtual show.
Primal Elements started out of Grandma’s kitchen, handmaking soap. As a family-owned business, they take a family approach with all their employees and partnerships, striving to build relationships that last a lifetime. The core of Primal Elements has always been in their handmade vegetable glycerin soap. For years they have been pushing the limits of fun, fragrant, and colorful, while keeping high standards and delivering affordable pricing. They have developed all aspects of their personal care portfolio into thriving lines of Bath Bombs, Face Masks, Facial Cleansers, Hand Soap, Moisturizing Lotion, Loofah Bars, Bath Salts, Shower Steamers, Gift Sets, and more.
Olivia Care was founded in 1996 by Henri Abesera, a French immigrant who wanted to introduce the famous French olive oil soap “Savon de Marseille” to the U.S. market. He wanted more people to benefit from this gently, soothing and moisturizing, triple-milled soap, made with natural ingredients and fragranced with essential oils. Henri’s son and daughter have also joined the growing brand, making it a family-owned company that stays true to its roots by offering a variety of natural, hypo-allergenic, paraben-free, and cruelty-free products ranging from soap, skincare, bath & body, to haircare and oral care. 
Phenicoptere, founded in 2012 by Ewa Dudzic and Monika Zochowska, is now an industry leader with products available in over 60 countries worldwide. After years of testing and research, Phenicoptere revolutionized the makeup removal process with one-of-a-kind micro-fiber technology, utilized in its signature line of GLOV products that gently remove make-up with just water. All of their products are cruelty free, vegan, and allergy tested approved. They want to generate less waste and promote reuse, remake, recycle. Their eco-packaging is made of 100% biodegradable starch. Last year they launched SCRUBEX – lips scrub that works just with water. They also have the GLOV SPA line with different accessories for home spa rituals (skin smoothing body massage gloves, mask removers, hair wraps, and hair bands). 
J.C People Co. and the When Beauty brand was created 10 years ago by Jin Han Lee, a healthcare specialist from Korea, to bring the high-quality skin treatments from dermatologist clinics and spas to fit the lifestyles of busy modern women who may not have the time to afford such luxuries. This year they launched fully certified vegan masks and a protective face mask to promote the wellness of their consumers. When Premium Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks made with advanced bio-cellulose technology: The all-natural, bio-degradable sheet is made from fermented coconut water and is gentle on skin, holds fluids 100 times its dry weight and 10 times more than conventional sheets. The sheet is infused in Bio-Craft serum formulated with sodium hyaluronate, ginseng extract, and various high-quality plant extracts to address visible signs of aging, skin firmness, tone, texture, and radiance.
Relaxus Products, established in 1992, has always carried a wide assortment of beauty and self care products. Within the last 5 years, the category grew exponentially, and a need for a sub brand was clear. Relaxus Beauty’s growth was due in large part to listening to what the customers were looking for, providing those products at a competitive price, and packaging them on trend, with bright colors. From the popular high-end LED Therapy Facial Mask, and deluxe facial pore cleanser, to hair removal accessories as well as a large collection of natural dry brushes.
World’s Best Tweezers parent company, Regine Tweezers, manufactures tweezers that are handmade in Switzerland and pioneered the diamond tip tweezer. World’s Best Tweezers is launching its line of diamond tip tweezers that feature genuine crushed diamonds embedded in the tip of the tweezer to easily grip and pull the hair from the root,  without slipping or breaking the hair. 
RevealU Skincare products are 99% Chemical free and designed for all skin types, skin sensitives, all ages, all ethnicities and unisex. Their product lines are colorful like that of a rainbow; a beautiful phenomenon that inspires happiness, togetherness, hope and good fortune. Good, clean water is an important building block in every cell in the body and so RevealU’s “Magic Water” was born. RevealU’s water is designed to accelerate a natural ion exchange to help hydrate, protect and rejuvenating the skin without unnatural preservatives, fragrances or chemicals. They also offer fragrance free, paraben free cruelty free and vegan gel moisturizers, cleansers, acne treatments, brighteners and revitalizers.
Samsonic Trading Co. offers oral care products including toothbrushes, electric sonic toothbrushes, oral irrigators, and toothbrush sanitizers. They have essential oils in single packs and multi packs as well as aromatherapy bracelets, necklaces, and diffusers. 
Soapbox was founded in 2010 with a simple mission: to empower consumers to change the world through everyday, quality purchases. For every product sold, the company gives back through bar soaps, health, and hygiene initiatives in communities both domestically and around the globe. The products are free of gluten, parabens, harsh sulfates, phthalates, EDTA, and other chemical preservatives. SoapBox products 100% vegan, ethically made, and do not use palm oil in an effort to limit the deforestation. 
Olivella is the “Mediterranean Diet for Your Skin” made In Italy with 100% Ultra Purified Virgin Olive Oil. In 2004 they patented their first ever Olivella bar soap, using a sustainable method that helped them re-use the water rich in polyphenols contained in their Olive Oil purification process. They only used 100% purified virgin olive oil. Plus, they are planting 500,000 olive trees in Umbria-the green heart of Italy, making it the largest Organic Olive Farm in Italy.
Actman Corp. innovated beauty, bath, and wellness accessories include wood, stainless steel, glass, jade, and recycled plastic materials. The beauty products include makeup sponge accessory and hair accessory. The wellness products include massage roller, spa relaxing tools and bath accessories. This company provides consumers with a brand new experience on beauty and wellness. Their best sellers in 2021 are eco-friendly personal care, eco-friendly wellness tools and eco-friendly bath accessory.
Pharmagel recognized, through scientific research, that topically applied vitamins and natural plant derived antioxidants could visibly prevent and repair skin damage. Antioxidants in combination with pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients work synergistically, resulting in a improvement in the youthful appearance of skin. The key ingredients in their products are Allantoin, Algae, Aloe Vera , Avocado Oil, Cacao (Cocoa) Extract, Caffeine, Calendula Flower Extract, Retinol, Dandelion Extract, Glycolic Acid (AHA), Green Tea Extract, Inca Nut (Sacha Inchi), Kojic Dipalmitate, Licorice Extract, and Sodium Hyaluronate. There is also Matrixyl 3000, Volcanic Black Sand and Squalane. Plus, plant-based extracts, Vitamins: A, B, C, E, and Probiotics. 
ShiKai offers unique, plant-based products sold in premium markets all over the world. They formulate and produce their products in Sonoma County, CA. They make their own botanical extracts and control quality and standards from start to finish. Some of their products include therapeutic skincare, shikai cbd topicals, moisturizing shower gels, hand soap and more.
Founded in 2012, Popband London offers Popmask self-heating eye masks, a new men’s larger sleep mask, and a self-heating patch for menstruation pain. Earlier this year they launched Big Hug, a self-heating 12 hour patch that eases menstrual cramps. Their products use recyclable packaging and natural ingredients when possible, and they strive to produce vegan products when possible, all of their products are cruelty free. They are also biodegradable, designed to sooth and relax, enabling you to sleep, rejuvenate and rest. Their other self-heating eye masks where heat targets the pressure points are Starry Eyes, Jet Setter, Sleepover, and Calm. All come in different scents.
Jalsosa was founded in 1989 by José Antonio López, a Nurse by profession, looking for a safer and faster way of dealing with daily hygiene of patients in hospitals and residences while at the same time reducing costs and standardizing protocols. In 10 years the product spread all over Spain and the interest of other countries soared. They specialize in the production of pre-soaped disposable sponges ready to use for personal daily hygiene with a very small amount of water. Two products in one: sponge + soap (pH 5.5 dermatological soap, latex free and natural preservatives only). Safer Hygiene: Disposable: avoid accumulation of dirtiness in hygiene material and potential cross contamination. Dry product (3 years of shelf life, 1 year after opening), extra light, flexible, just add some water and squeeze to activate and lather.
MJM Sourcing, LLC: BioMiracle is a line of at home beauty products that bring the best ingredients from around to create a spa experience in the home. K Beauty and face masks are the leading trends in many parts of the world with their potent for infusion of key ingredients. Biomiracle has a range of organic aloe products, specialty serums, moisturizers, and oil based serums. Their new products are inner beauty supplements featuring collagen and superfoods, chocho. Their Hempseed Collection includes mask, foot mask, foot cream, sleeping mask, face oil and face cream. The CBD collection includes eye cream, face serum, facial oil, sleeping mask and face cream. The Acne collection includes acne patch, bubble pad, gel cleanser, cream, body mist, face wipe all specifically for acne relief. And their natural collection includes facemasks that are vegan, non-GMO and paraben free.
BLIFE focuses on good ingredients, eco-friendly products, and reasonable price. They have makeup remover cleansing face wipes, daily cleansing facial towelettes to remove waterproof makeup and mascara, which are all alcohol-free. Their two hot products are MASKE HALO and SuperTox. MASKE is the reusable makeup remover that replaces up to 500 makeup wipes. Using only water, MASKE fibres trap and remove makeup for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. 
Xtreme Beauty International: OKAY Pure Naturals has offerings for face, skin, lip, body, bath, and feet. They offer healthy choice, all natural, and organic varieties. They manufacturer all items in house under supervision from their chemist and laboratory to ensure the best and optimal quality delivered accurately on every batch.
Stylideas is focused on sustainable products including their bamboo reusable, washable cotton pads and their vegan certified face cleanser. Their beauty tools include a new IPad size, LED travel mirror and their best-selling Beauty Fridge. 
Olympic Mountain Products brands are Essenza, Essenza Naturals, Morgan Childs, Sedona Botanica, Aroma Aria, Modern Apothecary, and private label brand capabilities. They have essential oils, ultrasonic diffusers, everyday & natural hand soaps, hand lotions, body wash, bath bombs, bar soap, shower spray, shower burst tablets, natural essential oil roll-ons, specialty bath sets, bath accessories, and natural cleaning products.
Hand In Hand Soap lends a hand to help children across the world. For every product purchased, Hand In Hand donates one bar of soap and clean water to a child in need. To date, they have donated over 13 million bars of soap and built or repaired 7 wells across 23 countries. Their line includes: hand soap, bar soap, body wash, sugar scrub, body lotion, & hand sanitizer. The majority of their line comes in 4 to 9 different fragrance options in rainbow packaging. Fragrances include poppy, cactus blossom, pink peony, citrus grove, island mimosa, rosemary lemon, sweetgrass, sea salt, & lavender. Their products are always free from palm oil, parabens, and phthalates. And they always include real nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, essential oils, shea butter, sugar, and sunflower oil.
Kira Labs manufactures  beauty innovations focusing on hair, skin, body, men’s, home, and pet. Their flagship brand, Arganatural, offers a collection of age-defying shower gels and lotions featuring functional ingredients such as retinol, collagen, and vitamin C
DKCOS launched their new Phyto Collagen Care Line and Nature Story Care Line. The focus of the new brand lines is on eco-friendly, clean, vegan, and self-care. To reflect their customers’ interests in the products, they researched the new ingredients such as plant-based collagen, biodegradable packaging, and non-harsh chemicals and applied them to the new products thoroughly. 
WBM International is a producer of Himalayan salt products under  recognized brands like, WBM Care, W Home, WBM Baby Care, Natural Solution, Himalayan Chef, Himalayan Glow, and more. Products are available Kosher, non-GMO verified, Vegan certified, Halal, USDA organic, BRC Food certified. Most WBM International products from bath soap to gourmet cooking seasoning utilize Himalayan pink salt as an essential ingredient. Amino Acid is another ingredient used for WBM face wash. 
Canus is a family-owned company that makes skin-care products using fresh Canadian goat’s milk. Their Nature by Canus brand caters to the niche of natural and organic category. Nature by Canus is a selection of soaps, body lotions, bubble baths and body washes. Canus develops products that are good for the individual and for the environment.
Beauty is something that is always evolving. ECRM is the best place to stay current with what is trending. Be on the lookout for their upcoming programs so see what everyone is talking about.
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