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Sarah Hussain
Lily Arrowsmith, manager of Salon@ in Downham Market. – Credit: Lily Arrowsmith
A Norfolk salon is celebrating its fourth year in business by taking part in a fundraising campaign to help end hygiene poverty in the UK.
Staff at Salon@ on Bridge Road in Downham Market held an event on Tuesday, November 2 called ‘Feel good, Do good’ in support of Toiletries Amnesty.
Lilian L’Amour, salon manager, said the campaign was to help spread the “good feeling” to those that are less fortunate, with some people unable to access basic and essential toiletries – let alone luxury items.
Salon@ in Downham Market. – Credit: Ian Burt
She said: “We believe everyone should be able to feel good, no matter their circumstances.
We are lucky enough to still have Salon@ standing after the pandemic, let alone thriving as much as it is. 
We work with cosmetics and toiletries all day, every day and understand how these things can have an impact on how we feel, our confidence and our overall wellbeing.
Toiletries Amnesty helps relieve hygiene poverty across the UK and stop products going to waste by collecting unwanted or unused toiletry products and donating them to places such as homeless shelters and hostels, women and children’s refuges, mental health services, food banks, refugee support groups, and NHS Trust services.
Salon@ in Downham Market. – Credit: Lily Arrowsmith
The Feel good, Do good event raised more than £1,000 for the cause and Salon@ will also become a new drop-off point for Toiletries Amnesty to allow people to donate toiletry products to those in need.
Karen Harvey, founder of Toiletries Amnesty, said: “Poverty in the UK is set to get worse this winter, with people not being able to afford heating or electricity, and needing to use foodbanks more than ever, essential hygiene products like soap and toothpaste just become too unaffordable.
The knock-on effect is huge, not just on physical health, but on mental wellbeing too.
“We are really grateful to Salon@ for helping make a difference to their local communities.
After such a difficult time for the beauty industry it’s really heart-warming to see people wanting to reach out and show kindness and care for others.
“We can all do something, and that’s a wonderful thing.”
For more information about Toiletries Amnesty visit
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