Doctors On Call Able to Deploy Mobile Testing Teams to Meet Hospitality Needs – Maui Now

PC: Doctors on Call

Doctors On Call continues to work with the hospitality industry on Maui to address safety needs during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
The company created Mobile Testing Teams that are deployed when a group arrives for checks in. With a room or small area designated for use, and a 2-4 hour time slot, Doctors on Call can run Rapid Antigen Tests on all check-ins in minutes.
“We want to help you continue in the right direction and reassure incoming groups and potential business of a safe and COVID-free stay on Maui,” said Dr. Norman Estin, M.D.
The intent is to provide meeting planners and visiting groups with a safe stay. While most will test negative, those who test positive will have the test repeated, and if confirmed, are directed to self isolate during the meeting.
“We have done this for many groups and private functions recently and it has been so reassuring and easy for them,” according to the company.
Group size has ranged from double digits to several hundred.
To streamline the process and make it work for various groups, there is no paperwork, no insurance billing, and no cost to the hotel or resort. The price to the client is a discounted $93 per test.
To schedule a Mobile Testing Team event those interested can contact the company’s Director of Testing, Mike Mcgovern at 808-666-1042 or emailĀ [email protected]


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