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Did a Jean Yip hairdresser die from his COVID-19 vaccine booster dose?
Take a look at this new viral claim from Singapore, and find out what the facts really are!
People have been sharing this viral message on WhatsApp, claiming that a Jean Yip hairdresser died recently from his COVID-19 vaccine booster dose, after just 5 days!
English translation :
Hair Stylist from Jean Yip Beauty Group of Companies died after 3rd booster… On Saturday he took the 3rd booster jab, he felt unwell but continues his duty.
And the following week (Wednesday) he felt not right and was admitted to the hospital and his condition turned for the worse.
He DIED on Thursday from the Booster shot.
Watch the media news yesterday and he is FULLY VACCINATED and NO underlying medical condition according to media news yesterday still under investigation.
Did Jean Yip Hairdresser Die From COVID-19 Booster Dose?
This is yet another example of COVID-19 fake news designed to scare people from getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. Here are the reasons why…
Fact #1 : Kent Lim Was A Jean Yip Salon Manager
The man in question – Kent Lim Lian Seng – is a 54 year-old Malaysian hairdresser who managed two Jean Yip salons at Kovan and Raffles Place.
Fact #2 : Kent Passed Away 12 Days After His Booster Dose
The fake news claimed that Kent passed away 5 days after receiving his booster dose. That’s completely FALSE.
The truth is – he passed away 12 days after his booster dose.
Fact #3 : He Was Well Until 11 Days After His Booster Dose
Like the first two doses of any COVID-19 vaccine, the side effects of the booster dose is seen in the first 2-3 days.
Kent was apparently well, until he felt ill 11 days after his booster dose. This makes it very unlikely that his illness had anything to do with the booster dose.
Here is the known sequence of events according to Lianhe Wanbao,
Did Jean Yip Hairdresser Die From COVID-19 Booster Dose?
Fact #4 : His Wife Is Upset At The Fake News 
Kent Lim’s wife is understandably distraught at his death, and has been busy dealing with his funeral arrangements as his body has been repatriated to Malaysia for burial.
She was very upset with the fake news circulating about his death, and asked Dawn Yip – the CEO of the Jean Yip Group – to speak to the press on her behalf.
Fact #5 : No Evidence His Death Had Anything To Do With Vaccine
Dawn Yip said that the post is false and misleading. She pointed out that it got the details wrong, confirming that Kent died 12 days, not 5 days, after receiving his booster dose.
She also said that, “There was nothing unusual about him. We are not doctors, nor have we checked his medical records, so it is difficult to draw any conclusions, but there is indeed no evidence that he died from the third dose of the vaccine“.
Fact #6 : Pfizer Booster Dose Proven Safe In Clinical Trial
On 17 September 2021, Pfizer publicly released the clinical trial data for their COVID-19 vaccine booster dose.
It showed that the participants did NOT suffer any serious side effect from the booster dose :
This is pretty much what we would expect for a third dose. Those who had no issues with the first two doses, should have no issue with the booster dose.
It’s the same vaccine, after all. If you are allergic to the vaccine, you would have experienced an anaphylactic reaction with the first dose.
Full FDA Approval For Pfizer Vaccine : What Does It Mean?
Fact #7 : Booster Dose Is Just A Refresher Class
Vaccines are really just self-defence classes that teach our immune system how to identify the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so it can produce antibodies to fight off an actual infection.
A booster dose is like a refresher class in college that you take just before a big exam. It reminds your immune system that COVID-19 should be taken seriously, and kickstarts the production of fresh antibodies.
If you have no trouble with the first two self-defence classes, why should a refresher class be a problem?
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