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Renderings of the Coterie, a new senior living facility opening in 2022 in San Francisco. 
Valet garbage pickup, rooftop gardens and dog runs are just a few of the building amenities luxury renters have come to expect in San Francisco. But this week we came across an opulent high-rise that not only offers all the above, they’re also offering three meals a day created by a chef that has trained at Michelin-starred restaurants.
There’s a catch, of course. Coterie  is a senior living facility catering to aging San Francisco residents who don’t want to leave the city but might like the idea of a luxury apartment building with some tailored amenities and other residents around their age. The building at 1001 Van Ness Ave. is a development from Related Companies and Atria Senior Living and isn’t expected to open until “early 2022.”
For the meal program, the building tapped local chef David Lawrence, who most recently ran 1300 Fillmore and Black Bark BBQ, to oversee the five dining options on-site, which include a formal restaurant, a lounge, a more casual grill, a private lounge and 24/7 room service. And that’s just the everyday options — a company spokesperson said there will also be “champagne brunches, pop-ups with acclaimed guest chefs from around the country, award winning mixologists, and a notable sommelier helming the impressive wine list.”
Renderings of the Coterie, a new senior living facility opening in 2022 in San Francisco. 
The 208-unit building, located in the Western Addition (that the company is calling Cathedral Hill), has studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments and features many other unique amenities listed on the website, like chauffeured car service, gift wrapping and “fashion assistance and weekly wardrobe planning.” There’s also a 24-hour concierge and doorman, a fitness center, a heated rooftop pool, cinema, gardening plots, a library, a salon and a pet park and bocce ball courts. Plus, the high-rise is said to have great views. 
Aging seniors, and their children, might find comfort in the building’s Mayo Clinic services, which according to press materials will have certified on-site staff and fitness programs designed by the health care company.
Renderings of the Coterie, a new senior living facility opening in 2022 in San Francisco. 
The studios start at … drumroll … $8,000 per month, while a two-bedroom, two-bathroom has pricing beginning at $16,600 and can get up to $27,000 per month. While this is likely the most expensive senior living facility to hit San Francisco, the rents for these buildings definitely command a premium. The Sagebrook Senior Living Facility in Laurel Heights has studios starting at $4,600, but the amenities are much more limited. Most other facilities don’t reveal their pricing online, but the website estimates these facilities have an average cost of $5,640 in San Francisco. Zumper estimates that the average monthly rent of a studio in the Western Addition is $1,975.
“The math already tells us the coming decade will have more people over 80 years old than at any other time in history. We need better answers for urban seniors,” John A. Moore, chairman and CEO of Atria Senior Living, said in a statement. “Over recent years, the focus of urban real estate growth in cities like San Francisco has been on development for younger generations, leaving the urban senior population fairly underserved.”
The San Francisco Chronicle spoke with 80-year-old Janet Cluff, one of the first tenants to sign a lease in the building, who had been living in a large house in Twin Peaks. (SFGATE and the San Francisco Chronicle are both owned by Hearst but operate independently of one another.) She said she had been looking into senior living options for years and was on the waiting list at the San Francisco Towers, another high-end senior living community. “The Towers is lovely, but you have to wait for someone to die to get in,” she told the Chronicle.
Renderings of the Coterie, a new senior living facility opening in 2022 in San Francisco. 
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