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ATLANTA (PRWEB) October 27, 2021
COSMEDIX, the globally recognized skincare trailblazer in the world of clean beauty, has officially kicked off the festivities for the 5th anniversary of National Aesthetician Month and National Aesthetician Day, celebrated on October 15th. Since establishing the month-long event in 2016, COSMEDIX has made it their mission to recognize the hard work and dedication skincare professionals provide for their clients and the skincare industry as a whole. Each year, the company hosts a social contest and regional contest to recognize outstanding aestheticians with prizes and awards. As a special commemoration of the holiday’s 5th anniversary, COSMEDIX has introduced a new annual award, the Rising Aesthetician Scholarship Program, which is an initiative designed to give back to the aesthetician community and help it flourish with talented, up-and-coming individuals.
Skincare professionals help provide tailored tools for clients to achieve a healthier-looking complexion, indulging skin in high-performance products and gentle yet impactful treatments, while also helping to educate the industry on the best practices to promote overall skin wellness. From spa treatments to skincare education, these unsung skincare heroes help equip clients with a confidence that is more than skin deep. In an effort to celebrate these individuals, COSMEDIX has hosted three contests—a social contest, a regional contest and an inaugural scholarship program—to honor outstanding aestheticians. For the social contest, clients have been invited to nominate their favorite aestheticians online. The winning skincare professionals are awarded with a luxe customized crystal award and COSMEDIX credit, while winning nominators receive a $300 COSMEDIX product regimen. COSMEDIX has just announced the following aesthetician winners on their Instagram account @cosmedix_ earlier today.
Chelsea Clay, Moxie Skin Studio
Laura Gomez, Poetic Beauty
Jess Martin, Skincare with Jess
Grace Humes, Milk & Honey
Hari Prakash Boyd, Prakash Organics
For the regional contest, COSMEDIX Account Executives have each nominated their aesthetician of choice for the ‘Aesthetician of the Year’ award. These skincare professionals receive a customized crystal award and certificate to congratulate them for the next-level care and expertise that they provide for their clients:
Natalia Barzotti, Beauty Lab Skincare
Leyen Tran, Loma Spa
Jessica Jones, The Skin Revival
Maureen Grogan, N-vie Skin Care
Allison Baird, Monarch Skin
Therese Abdallah, Chateau Elan
Katt Peterson, KMP Skincare
Dana Valladolid, Glow
Ashley Rotner, Skin Solutions
Julie Moser, Moser Esthetics
Cali Fraser, SkinTrifecta
Morgan Olsen, The Skin Studio
Amy Juncewicz, Rafraichir Skin Spa
Mikayla Dedman, TayTen Spa
Joanne Kula, Skin Devotee
Kim Amos, La Bella Donna Spa
Reba Reynolds, Red Delicious Beauty
Amy Romero, La Luna Skincare
As part of the 5th anniversary celebration of National Aesthetician Month, COSMEDIX has created a third annual award category: the COSMEDIX Rising Aesthetician Scholarship Program. Clients are invited to nominate a rising aesthetician for a $2,500 cash prize to invest towards their business, courtesy of COSMEDIX. As a brand built by and for aestheticians, COSMEDIX is pleased to be able to give back to the skincare community and help foster the development of rising talent.
Congratulations to Reba from Red Delicious Beauty, the first-ever recipient of the COSMEDIX Rising Aesthetician Scholarship Program.
COSMEDIX was founded in 1999 with the mission to create potent, yet gentle skincare. Since their inception, the professional skincare brand has served some of the world’s finest spas, aestheticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. With an expansive skincare product mix and supercharged spa offerings, the full-spectrum product line consists of facials, treatments, metabolic peels and at-home regimens. For more information on COSMEDIX, visit
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