Columbus police, nonprofit host 'Cops and Barbers' to get kids ready for school – 10TV

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus kids are getting ready to go back to school and what better way than with a new haircut and a backpack full of supplies?
That’s what Columbus police and the nonprofit Starfish Assignment plan to do this week. 
During a two-day event at two Columbus community centers, 100 boys will receive haircuts while 100 girls will work with female officers on arts and crafts. All of the children will receive a backpack with supplies.
“The best way to get kids excited about their education is by connecting with them when they are young and giving them that spark of confidence,” said Columbus police officer Casuccio. “A fresh haircut and school supplies might be the motivation they need to succeed.”
Mario Dovell, center manager for Linden Community Center, said the program has gained a lot of support. 
“That kid walking into the classroom with a book bag and fresh haircut feels not different than that other kid that paid $20 for a haircut. As well as mom was able to get school supplies,” Dovell said. “They are on an even playing field.”
The children will also receive a book from the 2nd and 7 Foundation.
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