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Experience the best cosmetic services at an affordable price only with Cloud 9 Luxury Spa.
Kenosha, WI (PRUnderground) August 18th, 2021
Cloud 9 Luxury Spa was opened in 2019 by Kayla Larse. She was in charge of creating this innovative and helpful company to help others look more beautiful and feel great in their skin. She aims to offer top-quality skin treatments in Kenosha. 
Kayla Larsen was born and raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In May 2019, she received an esthetician degree at Aveda’s The Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee. However, she didn’t stop there; Kayla also got a certification in permanent makeup and a tattoo artist license. 
Born and raised in Kenosha, she decided to open Cloud 9 Luxury Spa in her home city. Kayla wants to serve her clientele in the best and professional way possible. 
Kayla Larsen loves what she does. She says that skincare is not a job but a passion. She always wants to make every customer feel beautiful in their own skin with her skincare treatments and other cosmetic services.
Cloud 9 Luxury Spa offers different services that can be an excellent opportunity for anyone looking better and feeling good in their own skin. Some of the services they offer include skin treatment and wrinkle treatment in Kenosha.
Cloud 9 Luxury Spa also offers facials services. These services consist of a skin treatment that cleanses pores, exfoliates the customer’s face to get rid of dead skin cells, and uses a custom mask to treat skin concerns. With Cloud 9 Luxury Spa, you will find the best facials in Kenosha.  
Kayla Larsen opened Cloud 9 Luxury Spa to give all Kenosha residents and others the best cosmetic experience. They want people to have healthy skin and feel the best version of themselves. 
If you are interested in Cloud 9 Luxury Spa services and want to learn more, you can visit their website You can also contact them at (262) 764-4407.
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