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Which beauty essentials does one of the world’s most iconic faces keep within reach? We’ve got an exclusive look at Cindy Crawford’s vanity, and beyond.
“My mother never wore makeup and used soap and water on her face, so I didn’t grow up knowing about beauty products. That doesn’t mean I didn’t notice beauty, but it is probably why, even to this day, I opt for more natural looks. When I started modeling, everything was new—I didn’t own any makeup other than a Bonne Bell lip gloss. I remember watching as Dianne deWitt and Iman applied their own makeup at a photographer’s studio in Chicago, and trying to follow along. I’ve been blessed to work with so many talented hair and makeup artists—and I do mean artists. I love watching how they help accentuate a woman’s beauty with a little concealer and perfectly placed blush or eyeshadow. I still keep it simple, but I feel more confident that the little bit of makeup I am applying looks natural and flattering.”
“We built our house in Malibu over 20 years ago, and after living in New York City with a small closet, I knew I wanted my closet to be my sanctuary. It’s white—so the clothes stand out and are easy to see—and has a lot of windows. I have a big stone-top island in the middle, which is perfect for packing, etc. I also have a makeup mirror with great lighting—just like we have at photo shoots. I had them put a plug in one of the drawers so I can store my blowdryer there, and it’s always plugged in and ready to go. I also have a TV, a three-way mirror and a hidden closet for my steamer. I can spend hours in there organizing, or even just doing calls.”
“I’m a big believer in exfoliating my body, and I have more than one way to do it. I love the Elemis Dry Brush ($45). If I forget or I am rushed, I use my antibacterial plastic pink shower mitt with body wash, usually Dermalogica ($32)—it’s the body wash my husband and I both agree on. I use that most of the time, but I do like bar soap, too. The one I use when I’m going to shave my legs is Bulgari Au Thé Blanc ($138). I also love the Arianna Ultra Exfoliating Body Treatment ($90). I was walking down Prince Street in NYC one day and happened upon a small store. I went in and the salesperson let me sample it on my hand. I loved it and bought three! I apply it on dry skin and give myself a good scrub before I turn the shower on. I love the size of the dead sea salt scrub, and it smells delicious.”
“A makeup artist first introduced me to Amazing Cosmetics Hydrating Concealer ($32). I use Medium Beige, and I love that it glides on so smoothly and has enough moisturization that it doesn’t make my under-eyes look dry. I was introduced to the Oxygenetix Foundation ($66)—I wear Walnut—by a dermatologist. Even though I use other foundations at times, this is my go-to because I don’t really have to powder over it and it still stays in place. Also, it’s the right amount of coverage for me without feeling like I am wearing anything.”
“Even though I used to think I had to wash my hair every day, as I’ve gotten older, I try to go longer between washes. Usually it’s about every three days, so sometimes I have to plan my workouts accordingly! I’m so excited about my new Meaningful Beauty Age-Proof Hair Care System. We have a Strengthening Shampoo ($59) and a Smooth & Shiny Conditioner ($49) that has a natural silk protein known to double hair shine. In the shower, I try to run a wide-tooth comb through my hair while I still have the conditioner in.
After I rinse and towel-dry, I use our Restorative Scalp Treatment ($45), which helps create the right environment for healthy hair. We also have a 4-in-1 Styling and Protecting Spray ($42) that is perfect before blow-drying, but also helps to smooth dry hair.”
“One of the makeup artists I work with a lot, Terri Apanasewicz, created these waterproof Very Terri Beauty Stay Put Lip Liners ($16) I’m so excited about. They stay on forever and I love the S’More color—it’s the perfect shade for me to help even out my lip line.”
“I love a good tool, and it feels like a little bit of a home spa when I take the time to use them. I love the gua sha, especially for the tension between my eyes and if my eyes are a little puffy in the morning. I think Kaia [Crawford’s daughter] was using the ReFa ($280) and I liked it so I ordered one, and it usually sits on my desk. Sometimes I use it in between calls to give me a little boost, but it’s also great before a shoot—for those early call times when I have to wake up before my face does!”
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