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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) – Martha Barber is a Catahoula Parish native who was born on August 6, 1916.
Barber spent her youth working on her family farm, alongside her parents.
“I just worked all the time and went to church, in the evening and at night we went to church and went on Sunday for sure,” said Martha Barber.
Later in life, she worked as a pastry chef at the Hotel Bentley in Alexandria. Last year, Barber tested positive for COVID-19 and shared some insight on how she handled the virus and other uncertainties in her life.
“I turned to my master. I don’t take that COVID stress, I just pray for it because I had it. I try not to let anything worry me, I take it day by day,” said Barber.
On Friday, August 6, her nursing home, Naomi Heights, threw her a party for her 105th birthday, where she made sure to give the youth some advice.
“Be obedient and love everybody. Work to try and make a decent and nice living and everything, stop the violence, young folks killing one another,” said Barber.
She also shared her secret to a long life.
“Knowing how to treat people and serve God to your best knowledge. Working hard, and taking care of yourself, not staying out in the night air.”
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