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SEATTLE — All of us standing under a bus sign wait to be taken somewhere. But Reverend Earnest James Bryant is waiting for his barber.
Dwayne Bryant, also known as “Diesel the Barber,” bought his bus from the man who used to cut his hair.
“I just went out on a limb and invested in myself and invested in this bus,” Diesel said. “I was a barber at heart, I picked up the clippers when I was like thirteen years old.”
He’s been shaping up people ever since.

“I would cut up my friends and I would cut up my little cousins,” he explained. “When people see me, I think at first they want to know if I can bring it, you know.”
And he brings it on four wheels. Today, he’s creating curbside cuts at Powell Barnett Park in Seattle’s Central District. The best bus shop in town.
“He does an excellent haircut, he takes his time, he ain’t speed-barbering you know,” said Reverend. “And he lets you look at it and he wants you to be satisfied — then he’s satisfied as well.”

For Diesel the Barber, the journey “is” the destination.

“I like to move,” he said. “I like to feel like I’m pursuing my destiny.”

“He’s the best barber around that I know that’s movin’ on wheels,” said another of Diesel’s clients, David Jennings. “His work is art and he knows what he’s doing. Trust me, if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t be here!”

“I have a passion for it, I respect it, I cherish it and I want to bring what I can to the industry. I want to bring my style to the industry. Or I can take it to them!” Diesel laughed. 
“It’s a real service because a lot of people can’t get to destinations or where they need to be, so for you to be able to come to me, that’s a blessing you know,” Jennings said to Diesel.
Diesel the Barber simply appreciates where these roads will take him.
“I’m here. I’m just going to appreciate the journey and take it a day at a time and step by step.”
And he’ll keep doing it, cut by cut, mile by mile.
You can keep up with Diesel the Barber via Instagram and book an appointment with him online.
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