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Boca Raton, Florida, UNITED STATES
PALM BEACH, FL, Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bloom Beauty Essence® will promote its “Skin Care Drink With Collagen” and skincare supplements this month to retail buyers from large and small chains in the United States.
The first delicious, effective skincare drink with collagen will participate in ECRM’s “Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Program,” the retail industry’s version of speed dating. ECRM brings buyers and brands with new products together for private one-on-one meetings. Buyers attending the ECRM event represent regional and national food, drug and mass health chains.
“We are excited that buyers from the major retailers in the country will get to know Bloom Beauty Essence® Skin Care Drink With Collagen and our two skincare supplements,” said Annette Steiner-Kienzler, product developer and pharmacist for R-Pharm, a German pharmaceutical company. “Retailers know that Americans are more concerned about their skin today than ever before. Our collagen drink is a healthy alternative to sugary beverages, which experts say is bad for you and your skin.”
Bloom Beauty Essence® Skin Care Drink With Collagen combines natural antioxidants from black currants with aloe vera, vitamin B3, biotin, and a special, high-quality collagen complex with high bioavailability.
“Just like many people need an energy boost during the day, our beverage is a great boost for your skin when you are on the go,” Steiner-Kienzler said. “We developed a nourishing alternative to sugary sweet drinks.”
What makes Bloom Beauty Essence® Skin Care Drink With Collagen special is that it contains just as much collagen as a beauty shot.
“With our beverage, you can use a straw, and it tastes great,” she added.
Bloom Beauty Essence® will also promote at ECRM its skincare supplements, which help revitalize your skin during the day and while you sleep. 
Bloom Beauty Essence® Day Spa provides a protective shield to prevent premature aging. In addition, the Day Spa contains natural antioxidants from guava, amla fruit, and microalgae.
Before you go to sleep, Bloom Beauty Essence® Night Spa replenishes lost moisture and luminosity for a radiant complexion in the morning. The Night Spa contains superfoods, such as pomegranate and gluten-free wheat extracts. It is also rich in vitamins E, C, and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium.
“We are excited about all the retail buyers learning about Bloom Beauty Essence® products,” Steiner-Kienzler said. “We have skincare products that protect your skin morning, noon, and night. 
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