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The newest weekend BitLife challenge, the V Challenge, is now live! Your character rob a bank, go to jail, then escape prison in a riot. Your character will also read The Communist Manifesto. During life in prison, your character must also become a barber for at least five years. By the end of this guide, you will learn how to work as a barber in prison in BitLife.

Before you can become a barber in prison, your character must first get arrested for a crime. If you are trying to complete the V Challenge, you may get detained during your bank robbery attempt. However, any crime works as long as you are convicted for five or more years. Once you are arrested, you will see a “Prison” category on the home screen. Navigate to the tab and scroll down until you see prison jobs. Choose prison jobs, and you will see a list of available positions. Most of these jobs pay between $6-8 per day that you are in jail.
Within this list, you will need to find a barber job. The positions that appear in this list are entirely random. Unfortunately, if you close and reopen the jobs tab, it will not refresh the listings. This means that you will need to age up to get a new list of jobs. If you have a short prison sentence and do not see the barber job in your listings, you may be unable to work for the full five years. If this happens, you may need to return to prison and try to become a barber again.
Once you go to prison and work as a barber for five or more years, you will complete the fourth task of the V Challenge in BitLife. For more information about a previous BitLife challenge, visit our coverage here.
BitLife is available on Android and iOS.
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BitLife: How to Work as a Barber in Prison
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