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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – While you may soon be able to keep your mask off in some restaurants and stores in the commonwealth, at your barbershop and hair salon, masks are still a must.
“I personally do feel like it’s high risk,” Elevate Salon and Spa owner Donna Carrier said. “We work in close proximity to our clients.”
Carrier said she doesn’t mind that other industries are seeing relaxed restrictions, but salons and barbershops are not at the moment.
“I would love for us to get back to a point where we are not having to wear masks. Hopefully, that day comes soon,” Carrier said.
In Kentucky’s salons and barber shops under current guidance, mask-wearing and six feet of social distancing must be enforced. Operations must also run at 50% capacity.
A statement from the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology said the current guidelines were created by an executive order from the governor through the Department of Health’s state of emergency implementation.
“As a business owner, it’s really important for me to be compliant with state board regulations because there are a lot of fines that come with that,” Carrier said.
Carrier said the fines for salons and barbershops not following guidelines could be up to $3500 per person.
“I’m sure there is going to be a lot of clients that are thinking, ‘Oh great, I don’t have to wear my mask to the hair salon now, this is going to be amazing,’ and they may not realize that (we) still have the State Board of Cosmetology to follow,” Carrier said.
According to the cosmetology board, restrictions won’t be lifted until state and health leaders deem these types of services as no risk.
Read the full statement from the Kentucky Board of Cosmetology on the current Healthy at Work guidelines for salons and barbershops below:
The Board did not mandate masks, nor does it have the authority to lift the mandate. All guidelines and additional standards in effect, which are above and beyond those currently in agency law (KRS Chapter 317A, and 201 KAR Chapter 12) have been created by Governor’s Executive Order, or through the Department of Health’s state of emergency implementation. Early last spring the board proposed implementing national safe practice guidelines, however those were not ultimately adopted by Governor’s Office. The board’s enforcement authority for infection control is limited to the statutory chapter and those regulations it has promulgated, both referenced above. For updates regarding the Governor’s Healthy at Work initiative please visit
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